Oh! My Boss! Koi wa Bessatsu de (Boss Koi) #8

It’s done! Episode 8 is done!! Oh I’m so sad 😭😭😭 I don’t know why but I’m just sad!!! With all the happiness and everything it just feels painful… 😭😭😭

These beloved people of MIYAVI… Beloved Horai family… Oashi, and even Rio… why is everyone in this drama so good!! 😭😭😭 But it’s still painful for me… 😒

When they said this episode will be a rollercoaster, I totally agree. The happy and fluffy beginning gets sadder and sadder towards the ending 😒😒😒 It really feels like happiness is truly a fleeting thing. Even Do S Senpai’s smile looks painful for me. Sorry I get all emotional 😭

And that look of Fukushacho… I’ve never seen that desperate look in his face before. And of course that torn expression of Junnosuke 😒 I said the same thing in Twitter but that very expression reminds me of Shohei! And I love him for that!

As the drama is entering its climax and last boss finally comes (Horai family!! Finally! Will we get to see Shacho Junnosuke soon? But somehow I get a feeling the cameraman thingy will not just end like that oops forget I said it 🀐), it’s so sad that only 2 episodes left. Well let’s enjoy the remaining 2 episodes to the fullest and let’s hope it will be a wonderful and refreshing ending!

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Thanks for the notice from someone commenting below, I realize there was a mistranslation in one of the lines at the end of the episode, so I made revision and re-uploaded the file! πŸ˜„


Spoilers and screenshots time!!

Btw… do you believe I didn’t take as many screenshot as usual? Lol. Explains why I finished the sub quite early LOL. Dunno… I just don’t feel like taking that many… (although Junnosuke is always beautiful beyond words).

First of all I want to pay a respect to my favorite guy at MIYAVI. Handa-san!!! OMG I love him so much!!! Handa-san I’m sure I’m so gonna miss him when this drama ends!!! Look at that perfect angle of his leg lol.

And onee-chan’s smile. OMG. I’m totally gonna use this beautiful smirk as my post tweet. She’s usually intimidating and smirk ruthlessly, but I somehow feel… this smirk is just full of love and trust, and sincerity. I love my nee-chan!!! 😭😭😭 Please don’t go nee-chan, I’m so worried where she’s gone MIA next episode… I hope she goes back to Kanazawa with his brother and do the Horai company together. That company is going to rule Japan with they both as their top management HAHAHA.

Oh can I talk about my FAVE scene this episode??? Of course, it’s the one Junnosuke did his last photoshoot as a photographer!!! Aaaaaa…. Shohei and Coral Table coming all over me again 😭😭😭 Onee-chan!!! Our big sis!!! Look at that proud smile to her brother. Look at how soft she looked when he’s around. I love this siblings can we get more of them please??? If she ever goes missing next episode, I seriously wish it would be Junnosuke finding her!

Pardon me for a while but can I scream for a bit… SHOHEEEEIIIII 😭😭😭

He’s really got the Shohei vibes in here!! And I love that look so much!!! Junnosuke might be a sweetheart and the best boyfriend/man someone could ever have, but I personally still have weaker spot for Shohei hahaha (Heck, I even felt sadder that time knowing he’s with Miyu than now Junnosuke with Nami. Okay let’s forget I wrote about this XD)

And yeah, Oashi is totally me. HAHAHAHA.

Btw I find this very cute though. How can someone say yokatta in such a cute voice!?!? And the way his legs moved www

I don’t get how he can look cute and hot at the same time, but baby Jun is happy! Happy baby Jun is the cutest!!! Hahaha

Junnosuke’s cuteness is overloaded in this scene. I mean, how can he be that pure and innocent!?!? I can’t help feel amused by how a simpleton he is www and btw where did he get that bicycle www don’t tell me he just bought it for this. Like he reserved the whole skating rink lol sasuga onzoushi.

Last series!!! His cheeky smile was so cute here. I can tell he’s definitely scheming something! Hey, Nami already read you, no need to pretend anymore! LOL

One last beautiful Junnosuke to end the post!!! The resizing/uploading is not finished yet, but I’m going to end the post here!

Good night and see you next episode!

It’s been a while since I can sleep before midnight on a Wednesday hahaha!


27 responses to “Oh! My Boss! Koi wa Bessatsu de (Boss Koi) #8”

  1. Thank you!

    The Horai siblings scenes were my favorite and Junnosuke/Tama ice skating in the end!! I thought you would screencap and gush about that XD

    Really hope Junnosuke is the one to find Reiko in the next episode. πŸ₯Ί

    1. Oops I left the skating part hahaha
      I already kyaa kyaaing so much on Twitter so I left the one here πŸ™ˆ

  2. Thank you so much! I love the ending scene, so excited for next week!!! πŸ™‚

  3. Thank you so much for EP 08 – very much appreciated ^-^.

  4. thank you so much for another episode!!! idk how many times i checked this site a day LOL XD.. i can totally relate with your excitement i was screaming all the time during the beginning of the episode with those cute scenes!!! i cant believe Tama is already 30 y.o. with those cuteness overload!! kinda expect his proposal but how he fulfilled Nami’s 10 wishes was totally sweeettt. and how he answer after Nami said that it is prohibited for 2 persons to ride on the bicycle. “oh really? but its written there (on your wish list Nami!!)” i realized its so cute and innocent after the flashback hahahah..why he is so lovelyyy… now were left with 2 episodes tho..

    1. LOL, you actually can check my Twitter bc I will tweet once I finish each episode, so no need to check here back and forth XD Or, you can opt to subscribe to this blog as well, so you’ll get an email once I post something πŸ˜€

      Oh my, his effort for fulfilling Nami’s 10 wishes was the cutest ever!!! I would die over it again and again!

  5. So fast!! Thanks a lot for episode 8!

  6. Thanks! I really love this show…. I can’t believe that we will have just two more episodes… Thanks again!!!

  7. RevsparklyAndroid Avatar

    Thank you for such fast subbing! This show is just delightful, even with all of today’s angst. Like you, I love their sibling relationship. The whole day date was so lovely but that question at the end…it totally caught me unawares! Next week can’t come soon enough.

    1. Yeah the whole date was cute and lovely but I somehow love the work and family part as well, so I kind of overlooked the date part XD But I still die everytime when I watch the episode though!
      Thank you for your comment πŸ™‚

  8. Thank you very much for episode 8. Otsukaresamadeshita.

  9. Thanks for your hard work!! Always looking forward to new eps every week thank you for making it possible for intl fans like us to enjoy and understand the drama.

  10. Thanks for EP 8. I’m happy and sad at the same time, just like you.

  11. I watched Tama’s previous works before like Nobunaga no Chef, Ataru, Pin to Kona, Zeni no Sensou, and Reverse. The characters that he played before were mostly calm, smart, cool, or mysterious. So this is the first time I see Tama plays character like in Boss Koi and he is really good at portraying Junnosuke. I like how he delivers various emotions of Junnosuke through his expressions :). And because of this drama, I started to watch Grand Maison Tokyo and Shohei wasΒ  so cool!! Why didn’t I watch it earlier *LOL. Thanks for your hardwork in subbing this drama. I also love to read your comments on the episode. Gonna miss your comments when this drama ends 😭😁

    1. Yay, I’m glad you watched his previous works and liked his acting!
      And yeah, Grand Maison Tokyo is definitely the best among all, and it’s surprising that you haven’t watched it yet hehehe. But better late than never, glad that you finally watched it!

      I’m also gonna miss writing long comments like this 😦
      Thank you for reading though! ^^

  12. Thank you very much for episode 8

  13. Thank you so much for this episode! This is episode is bad for my heart and cheek muscles. I keep smiling as there’s so many kyun kyun moments! I need the gif you made after nami kiss jun-chan. He is so cute! Ahh i wish i have a bf like that. lol. Like you, i also wish that the Horai siblings have more scenes together. The cool siblings i would say. I never like Nanao acting before but this character suits her so well and I love it! Ahh.. 2 more episodes. I’m gonna miss your comments and commenting on this drama…

    p/s: i saw the a studio with tama-chan on your other posting. where or how can i get the password please?

    1. Hi! Thank you for your comment ^^
      And thank you for reading my long notes, which basically just a rubbish flailing of Tama XD
      I totally agree so many kyun and cute moments, my heart kind of exploded and my cheek hurts too XD

      For the password protected subs, you can find the hints here

      I hope you enjoy it πŸ™‚

      1. I always read your comments while waiting for the file to be downloaded. And it made me anticipate the drama more! Also, thanks for the link. I went thru your page so many times but i didn’t encounter that specific page T.T Thank you again!

  14. Thankyou so much for the subs! Right?! The weak spot of Junnosuke always remind me of Shohei. Maybe because of how broad the potentioal of each mcraracter in this drama, and it just has 10 episodes, I doubt we will see more of Junnosuke’s or anyone perspective deeper but I’m glad because of everyone worked so hard on this, we can see that each of them has their own conflict inside, shown in their facial expression. Especially Tama! Ehehe. He always amazes me with his acting skill! Hehe. Anyway thankyou so much for your hardwork! As a new fan of tama’s individual projects and Kis-My-Ft2 in general, I always feel thankful to have someone like you inside this fandom!^^

  15. thank you so much as always! :DD

  16. Thanks for ep 8!

  17. thank you very much for ep 8!

  18. Hihi, thank you so much for the subs as usual! Just wanted to comment to let you know of a mistranslation of what Nami said when they first started skating. She was saying that the rink is very empty γ€Œγ™γ£γ”γ„η©Ίγ„γ¦γΎγ™γ­γ€ and not complimenting Jun’s skating ability (although he is really good!) πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the hard work and I’m kinda sad that we are only left with 2 more episodes T_T

    1. Thanks for your correction! I will check again and fix it! ^^

  19. Thanks so much for subbing and sharing! Can’t believe it’s already ep 8…awesome episode, loved the Reiko scenes (esp the photo shoot with the Horai sibs!) and quite enjoyed seeing cutely flustered Junnosuke as he’s trying to tick off items on teenage Nami’s bf to-do list.

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