Juuyou Sankounin Tantei #05

Here’s ep 5!

It’s kinda hard finding the scene where all 3 are present, but I particularly liked this gym scene!!!

OMG don’t you wish you can be this onee-shacho???

Screenshot 2017-11-25 15.48.07Screenshot 2017-11-25 15.46.36

Hey, how long do you think you’re holding Tama’s hand!?!?!?!?!?!?

Screenshot 2017-11-25 15.48.52Screenshot 2017-11-25 15.49.04

I swear this guy is a perv XD This is called sexual harassment, you know!! Nevertheless, can I switch places with you, just for this episode, please???? XD

The story seemed to progress in a faster pace, huh. As it’s approaching the second half of the story, I find it more and more interesting! (I’m still sad to learn that it will end at 8th episode though >_<) Me and a friend are kinda predicting something about Kei’s past, let’s see if our prediction is correct or not hahaha.

I just can’t help to notice how Kei is sooooooo cute in this episode!! His cuteness might surpass Shimon’s here! (Don’t get me wrong, Shimon’s always cute, like him ❤)

Screenshot 2017-11-22 19.59.53Screenshot 2017-11-24 19.04.12

Geleng geleng

SEE THAT!?!? Isn’t that just the cutest head-shake I’ve ever seen!?!?!?? *faints happily*

Then then then this smile just kills me again. How in this world someone can be so cute and yasashii at the same time!??!?!?

Screenshot 2017-11-24 21.26.33

Pardon me for an enormous amount of screencaps this episode, there’s just soo many things worth capturing!! Hahahaa.

Okay without further ado here’s your link.

Password to open .zip file: KeisMotherShowsUp!

❤ download 1280×720

 Gdrive mirror 1280×720

QC credit to @setsunavie

PS: Akai Kajitsu is releasing this week! Who’s excited??? I know I am! Can’t wait for my copy to arrive already!! Been watching the PV both story version and dance version so many times! Makes me want to visit this Spanish Village whatever they did the filming in!

Last word while waiting for the uploads to finish…


How I wish I can respond “Okaeri” to his “Tadaima” everyday…❤


40 responses to “Juuyou Sankounin Tantei #05”

  1. Thank you very much for ep5.Otsukaresama.

  2. Thanks for ep 5

  3. Thank you so much for subbing this great dorama

  4. How I wish I can respond “Okaeri” to his “Tadaima” everyday…❤

    i love to read this!!! who know someday u will ❤ ❤

    ps : my onichan (keichan) is too left behind in this eps,LOL

    1. LOLOLOL you just spread some false hope upon my nonsense daydream hahaha!!! Yes I wish, IN MY DREAM! Lol.

      Ahahaha Koyama, he… I just don’t know if I should cheer him on or pity him lol. But he makes a merry comrade this episode!!! Hahahaha

  5. Thank you so much. The rating for this episode increased to 6.5%, Yayyyyy ! So I’m very glad that this drama is doing OK for Tama and the drama staff.

    1. Yes!!!!!! I was really relieved to see the rating jacked up to 6.5!!!!! I hope this continues to the episodes to come!!! Speaking of which, Nobuchef had the highest average rating of this Friday night dorama slot since 2009 of 10.84%. I hope Sankounin doesn’t fall too far from that!!

  6. oh didn’t know there’s only 8 eps for this show! thanks so much for the subs! :DD

    1. Yes it’s only 8 episodes.. Means only 2 episodes remaining to air. *sobs* I will have a hard time parting with Kei, Itsuki and Shimon.. 😦

  7. “Akai Kajitsu is releasing this week! Who’s excited??? ”
    “Makes me want to visit this Spanish Village whatever they did the filming in!”
    LETS GO? #eh *2nd problem ~ could we go up to the rooftop? ahahahaha!!!
    and wears red? #iwish :p
    as always ~ thaaank yooou ~ ~ ~

    1. So let’s include Wakayama in our next trip??? Gyaaaaa Wakayamaaaaaa

  8. Thank you so much! 😍

  9. thank you so much

  10. Thanks for ep 5!!!
    But, I’m having trouble with the password. It’s keeps saying wrong password. Can you help me. Thanks

  11. My Bad. I got it to work. (^__^)

    1. Oh thank God hehehe

    2. How u can got it to work??? Pls help me

  12. Thank you for ep5!!
    love the gym scene~~ apparently that red dumbbell (?) is koyama personal gym goods
    and this episode got the highest ratings!! yay~

  13. Thank you!!

  14. Thank you so much for the sub! Im taking this :))

  15. Thank you for subbing this!! I believe that you are the only one to date (September 2018) that has this subbed. I finally get to watch this!
    Unfortunately, the password for ep has changed? I keep getting the message to provide the original password. Can you help me out, otherwise I’d be stuck halfway on this series forever.

    1. Hello! Uhmm no, I didn’t change the passwords at all, I left them as they were since day one… maybe the file you downloaded is corrupted? Probably you can try re-downloading the file and try again? Hope it works!

  16. I have struggle with password of episode 5 :< i download it twice and try to open it but password is wrong :< please help me :< i really like this dorama

    1. Hi, make sure you have copied the password correctly! With all the capitals and exclamation mark. Good luck!

      1. Omg u reply so fast. I try it like 10 times and it doesnt work :< i download file on gg and mega too but isnt work :<

      2. Omg it work. Thank u so muchhhhhhh :”> and thanks for your hardwork

      3. Glad you managed to get it work! Enjoy ^^

  17. Hi I downloaded the Episode 5 three times yet when I extract the video it displays is as 0 mb and says video can’t be played. Help please.

  18. Hi, I downloaded the episode 5 three times after extraction when I try to play it the video player keeps on saying video couldn’t be played.

    1. The files and the links were not changed. Maybe the file you downloaded was corrupted?

  19. Hi, i downloaded the mega file but the password for extracting the file is incorrect 😯 Have you changed the password? Sorry for the hassle. 😭

    1. I’ve downloaded the gdrive too in different resolutions but still the same. the password is incorrect. i just copied everything on your password for the zip file so idk what else could i do to access it. i hope you could help me. 🥺

      1. Please check the above comments. You might have missed the exclamation mark. Or try to rewrite everything instead of copy pasteing. Good luck.

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