Juuyou Sankounin Tantei #06

I’m so sad that Sankounin is about to end, but I can’t wait for the finale at the same time! Anyway, here’s ep 6!

ROFLMAO look at Koyama’s expression. He surprisingly suits to play a comedic character LOL.

TAMA! He runs! LOL!!!!! Oops, sorry for getting all excited XD. How can I not get excited when the first scene was Tama running! But he’s gotten better at it hahaha… (I’m not laughing at him, I’m not laughing at him, I’m not XD)

Screenshot 2017-11-26 12.51.35

He’s relatively better……..???? XD


What’s with this “Miyata Kazuya” character??? OMG, and the Kanji is like 宮田和哉. Ring a bell? Doesn’t it remind you of Miyacchi’s name 宮田俊哉??? I was like, of all people, of all Kanjis, and like that -ya of Miyacchi’s Toshi-ya isn’t really a common one! I’m starting to think that the Sankounin staff made up this character LOL. Anyway, what’s with the appearances of Miyata characters in Tama’s dramas??? There was a policeman named Miyata too in Reverse (it was there in the novel, but the drama didn’t mention the policeman name), and now this Miyata Kazuya in Sankounin. He just won’t let Tama be alone! Miyacchi, you just love Tama that much, don’t you? XD

This episode, we got reunions from 2 Haruya casts. Ami 201 as a cameo and Yanagi Yurina as Miyata Ena.

Screenshot 2017-11-26 12.50.17Screenshot 2017-11-26 13.21.23

What’s with this girl? >_< Can you stop getting all clingy to Tama??? In the first place why she always gets this kind of role…

Read a tweet saying that Sankounin is more like a reunion than a drama LOL.

Episode 2: Mirai from Nobuchef & Yuma from Pin to Kona
Episode 4: Miki Honoka from Itazura na Kiss (with Furukawa Yuki)
Episode 5: Tanihara’s annoying boss from Reverse
Now episode 6 we got casts from Haruya. Can we get our hopes up and wish that a member will come as a cameo in later episodes??? (wishful thinking, I know XD)

I’m not going to spoil you much about this episode, nothing really caught my attention other than Miyata Kazuya one hahaha. It’s just, I was being quite annoyed with their play of the fish eye lens.

Doesn’t this annoy you???

Screenshot 2017-11-28 08.59.18

I am annoyed, seriously =_=;;

Oh well, there’s no harm though.

I love Kei and Shimon’s chemistry!!! They’re so cute!!! (and Kei is getting cuter and cuter each episode >_<)


Last but not least. I LOVE their onee-boss hahahah. Look at his reaction. Exactly like mine when I saw Tamamori in person XD


Password to open .zip file: MiyataKazuya

❤ download 1280×720

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QC credit to @setsunavie

PS: BTW the place the case 20 years ago took place was read “Iwanagajima”. I kind of mispronounced it on Ep 1 and forward (thought it was “Ishinagajima”). But I’m too lazy to redo all the encoding and uploading of previous episodes again. I’ll change it properly starting episode 6. I hope it’s not too much of a bother…


20 responses to “Juuyou Sankounin Tantei #06”

  1. im taking this!
    thanks for the subbing.

    ps : i always think that Tama is the one who love miyachi the most. LOL

    sad to know that this series will ended soon and i want Itsuki more >

    1. You’re always welcome 🙂
      True though, Tama is very tsundere, he actually loves Miyata more than anything!!! He’s just too shy to admit that lololol

  2. thanks for ep 6

  3. Can we get our hopes up and wish that a member will come as a cameo in later episodes??? (wishful thinking, I know XD)
    …still! i am WISHING! #eh LOL!!!
    Exactly like mine when I saw Tamamori in person XD
    LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! oh My God! reminds me of…. #eh ~
    thank you Flowie!!! ❤

    1. Please remind me please remind me please remind meeeeeee
      I’d do anything to repeat that moment agaainnn
      Gyaaaaaaaaa XD

    2. heh???? in person?? :O

      1. Uhm yes… Anything wrong…? =D

  4. Thank you so much for the fast subs!! =) Am enjoying the show lots!

  5. Thank you very much for ep6. Appreciated much. Otsukaresamadeshita.

  6. Thank you for ep6~
    I suspect miyata conspire with the drama staff LOL!!
    I don’t want this drama to end~~ ><
    onee sachou is soooo relatable!!! hahaha

  7. Thanks so much!

  8. hahaha i really like the dynamic between Shimon and Kei too! Shimon is Kei and Karin’s biggest shipper. XD thanks so much! 😀

  9. Their Onee boss reaction is too funny LOL LOL ha ha ha . Thanks for capturing his reaction in gif, I love it LOL , I’d like to save it down to look at it here and there hehehe. Thanks again!

    1. Yesss
      He is sooo hilarious! When I saw his reaction I was like, no I have to capture this one it’s too funny to miss! Hahaha

  10. is the next episode the last one? does anyone know?

    1. Yes, the episode next week (episode 8) would be the last one 😦 so sad…

  11. Thank you!!

  12. Thank you for the sub, so sad they only have 8eps. but gonna enjoy as much as i can.

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