Juuyou Sankounin Tantei #04

Ep 4 is done! Just in time before ep 5 airs, phewww~

This episode is… different, LOL. I mean, what Kei did here, being a stage actor, is totally out of context from being a model. But oh well, I guess Japanese like to mix one profession with the others.

Seeing Tama acting on a stage (although he was supposed to be Kei, acting on a stage as part of the drama), I can’t help missing him standing on butais 😦 I so miss Dream Boys TT___TT I want to see Yuta in person again TT___TT Let’s pray Dream Boys is not over yet! Pray for next year!!!

And OMG I loved Itsuki in this episode!!! His dramatic and exaggerated expressions are just too hilarious to miss!!! I have to say Koyama played Itsuki’s character well, hahaha good job Koyama!

Screenshot 2017-11-13 21.12.02

It’s only one of his many hilarious expressions XD

I feel that the main story of Sankounin has started to be revealed. Saw Sankounin staff tweets and they said next episode they will shoot Kei’s room!! Gyaa!!! Kei’s private life!!! OMG this getting more and more exciting. This drama is quirkily addicting… lol

Screenshot 2017-11-14 19.37.51

I don’t know why I just loved this scene so much!!! Seeing Kei took control… Maneki Kei you’re totally driving me insane!!! @.@;;

Screenshot 2017-11-15 00.52.35Screenshot 2017-11-15 00.53.30Screenshot 2017-11-15 00.54.10

Don’t you think his side profile is just… too beautiful???

Okay I spammed too much screenshots already, lol, sorry.


PS: It seems Nature Lab is the official sponsor of this drama, so I expect to see their CMs on every episode. This episode, they show another version of the acne prince Fujigaya, so here it is, the cut :p

Password to open .zip file: IWishTheyReviveDreamBoys

❤ download 1280×720CM cut

 Gdrive mirror 960×540

QC credit to @setsunavie


28 responses to “Juuyou Sankounin Tantei #04”

  1. Thank you!!! This drama is funny in a odd way even if sometimes cringy but I do want to thank you for subbing and doing this great work <3.

    1. I agree!!! Hahaha
      I’m glad it seems many people think alike about this drama lol.

  2. Thank you so much for ep4. Appreciated much.

  3. Thank you! Thank you! I’m enjoying this drama so much, and only thanks to your hard work in subbing it.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it ^^

  4. thank you for the CM cut? #eh ❤❤❤ ~

    1. Hahahahaha
      That’s the highlight of the total episode!!!! Lololol

      1. and fingers cross for next year Dream Boys for Tamamori! 💛
        ~ *menunggu komen alay si 2 tante nih #eh

  5. thank you so much for subbing it!!

    1. Hope you enjoy Koyama? Lol XD

      1. yes!!! keichan is .. i want him to be my real brother so bad!
        this character is so him like how can you blame someone like him even his solving is wrong..LOL

      2. Lol he is indeed so Koyama hahaha.
        I praise whoever it is who decided Sankounin casts wkwkwkw

  6. Thank you for ep 4. I’m really enjoying this drama – it’s so much fun.

  7. Thanks! I’m really enjoying this dorama, and Koyama’s character is really funny!

  8. haha, this drama has been really hilarious so far . I laughed like no tomorrow as they started Nobunaga no chef sound track when Tama examined the knife in epi 3… hehehe. And both of Yuki and Koyama are so funny from time to time that I’ve been trying to hold the laughter at night so everyone can sleep LOL. They must somewhat tailor Kei character to Tama’s idol life and his previous dramas like Pin to koan or something, like OK let Kei have a stage play, Ok let Kei have a drama role …hahahaha
    Thanks you so much for taking time to work on sub. I really appriciate it!

    1. Hahahaha it is so hilarious!! The crimes and the analysis are somewhat shallow, like sometimes you can already guess who the culprit from the start. But their expressions, their stupidity is what paid it off. I didn’t get their correlation with Pin to Kona if you didn’t say so!!! That’s true, they maybe alter Kei’s character to suit Tama better. I only read 1 chapter of the manga so i can’t say anything about Kei’s original character, but I love Tama’s version!!!

      1. I mean in Pin to Kona Tama had a stage play with Yuma, so I guess they thought it was cool for Tama to have a stage play here too LOL. As the drama progress, I predict that Kei would finally become a real detective to help the police to identify the murders in the future muder cases. I might be wrong but it’s fun to make a guess haha

  9. Thank you so much for your dedication in doing up the subs and sharing them!

  10. how quick! i haven’t even watched ep3 yet XD thank you so much! 😀 will be marathon-ing this later *_____*

  11. Thank you again for the quick subs!! >w< I haven't watched ep 3 yet so I still have to catch up but I agree this drama's really addictive!

  12. Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  13. Thank you!!

  14. wahhh yay episode 4!! \(^^)/
    thank you!!
    my favorite so far because one of my favorite 4U member did cameo in here too!! ^^
    yes yes koyama facial expression is so hilarious!!
    oh thank you for the info~ didn’t pay attention nature lab is also the sponsor of this drama, when I stream this drama, I always not ready when fujigaya appear on the screen x”D

    1. you’re welcome! ^^
      I didn’t realize he was a member of 4U until you said so!!! Speaking of which, that’s true!! This guy’s face showed up in SHOCK’s poster, lol.
      Nature lab was indeed the sponsor, but weird, their logo disappeared in ep 5, I wonder what happened… maybe they only sponsored 2 episodes? I certainly hope not!! I still very much like to see the acne prince hahaha

  15. thank you for the sub. totally enjoyed this drama!!

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