Dekkee Furoba de Mattemasu (DK Furoba) #7

Here’s DK Furoba episode 7! Glad I finished it before the new episode airs tomorrow LOL. Now that Boss Koi is over, I can be a bit more relaxed in subbing this drama 😁

This is quite a heartwarming episode, with the story of Ume’s sister and their family. It doesn’t feel as absurd as the normal DK Furoba episodes, but hey actually I quite like it! (Although Ume’s sister is quite a weirdo too 🤣)

Translation notes:

  • Heel (professional wrestling): In professional wrestling, a heel is a wrestler who portrays a villain, “bad guy” or “rulebreaker” and acts as an antagonist to the faces, who are the heroic protagonist or “good guy” characters.
  • Gokuaku Domei: A popular heel unit in All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling during the 1980s. It’s well known by the leader, Dump Matsumoto, and had members like Crane Yu, Condor Saito and Bull Nakano. Reference here.

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The highlight of this episode… Their sleeping face! Hahaha! That looks like such a comfy little room 🥺

Oh and I love this part a lot. Look at Shin’s face 😍


16 responses to “Dekkee Furoba de Mattemasu (DK Furoba) #7”

  1. Thank you so much for the new episode – as always highly appreciated ^-^.

  2. Thank you so much! I am really enjoying this series! ^^

  3. Thank you very much for episode 7.

  4. Aww… he looks so cute! Thank you for the sub :))

  5. Thanks so much!

  6. Thank you so much for your hard work!

  7. Thank you for your subs!
    The drama is kind of ridiculous but I love it that way so much I just binged all 7 eps right now! Looking forward to the rest of the eps!!

    1. Hahaha yes, ridiculous is the word! But it’s also cute at the same time, which makes it much more entertaining!
      I hope you’ll like it until the end too!

  8. I’ve been sick for the past 2 days and I wanted to watch something to make me feel better- while looking, I found this post and really had an urge to watch this drama.

    If you think of this show like a regular drama, you may think the actors are all overacting. But I thought of it like a Japanese comedy skit and thankfully I ended up really enjoying this show. (It’s also helps that I love Kitayan and Shori) I’m on episode 3 right now, but I just love this- it’s a simple drama that makes me laugh every few seconds and lifts my spirits…exactly what I need right now.

    Thank you so much for your hard work in subbing this drama~ (-‿‿-)

    1. I’m glad you found this drama and liked it! It’s one of those under the radar one, but once you start watching it’s actually quite good and entertaining!
      Moreover, it’s a good refreshing in this situation ^^

  9. thank you so much! ❤

  10. Do you know what is the film/ad being parodied by the poster with Wataru Yokoo? I knew that he used to cut tuna in a show, but would love to know if you have some more details..

    1. Uhm.. i’m afraid i don’t know what movie it is… sorry i can’t help 😔

      1. Ahh don’t worry, it’s okay.. Seeing your notes about the posters made me googling like mad to find the remaining poster references. So far, I managed to find the original poster of the Busaiku Lotion in Ep.4 ( Once again, thank you for subbing this drama!

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