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I SCREAM Live Tour 2016 | Solo Documentary

Have you watched the ISCREAM Concert DVD??? Have you watched the documentaries and all the bonus footages?? Aaaaaa I haveeee I haveeeee…. just can’t help to think this time, the footages are too fast to finish?? LOL. We were used to being pampered by a 3 hours long docs, now that it’s only 1.5hrs, moreover it’s more like concert compilation than documentaries, I can’t help to wanting more 😦 And it still frustrates me why they didn’t release Multi Angle for Mega Love >_< sorry I was just being biased.

Anyway, here I bring you the sub for the Solo Documentaries: Miyata, Fujigaya and Tamamori. Why only these 3? Obviously, the others have been claimed and I am only left with these 3 hehehe.

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