Drama Projects

This page lists all the drama projects that I have finished/ongoing ones.

Juuyou Sankounin Tantei [Complete]

Kei Maneki (Yuta Tamamori) works as a model. He has bad luck with murder cases taking place when he works. Kei Maneki becomes an important witness in these murder cases. To clear his name, Kei Maneki and his model friends Itsuki Suo (Keiichiro Koyama) and Toma Shimon (Yuki Furukawa) attempt to solve the murder cases.

Million Joe [Complete]

Soichi Kurei (Hiromitsu Kitayama) is a magazine editor. He is currently working on popular manga series Million Joe. The writer of the manga series is Tsuneo Magata, but he suddenly dies. Soichi Kurei is devastated because he feels Million Joe should be finished. Soichi Kurei then makes a suggestion to Tsuneo Magata’s chief assistant Ryota Terashi. The suggestion is to hide the death of Tsuneo Magata and for Ryota Terashi to finish the manga series using Tsuneo Magata’s notes. 

Piano Sonata for The Overturned Maiden [Complete]

Kuroki (Tamamori Yuta) is a music school student who majors in piano. Although he keeps on challenging himself on piano competition, he never gets a good result. Yoshino (Kuroshima Yuina), his genius and talented classmate, is an exact opposite. She never fails to perform excellently on every occasions.

Be Love [Complete]

Tamamori Yuta & Miyata Toshiya’s unit song “BE LOVE” is getting a live-action drama adaptation! Tamamori & Miyata will be supervising the script, while delicately depicting the beautiful worldview of the songs.

The original script is based on their unit songs “BE LOVE” that was included in their 2015 album “KIS-MY-WORLD”, “Hoshi ni Negai wo” from 2018 single “LOVE”, and “Unmei” from 2020 album “To-y2”.

Kaikan Install [Complete]

Starring Nikaido Takashi and was made based on Kitayama Hiromitsu’s original idea, this drama depicts an original story that takes “men’s dreams” to the extreme!

An original story about men’s desire. When an inexperienced boy touched a woman’s boobs, he obtained the special ability to install pleasure scenes of that woman. He and his best friend are living their days in excitement.

Oh My Boss! Koi wa Bessatsu de (Boss Koi) & Spin-off Oh My Tsundere! (Tsun Koi) [Complete]

Like her name Nami suggests, Suzuki Nami (Kamishiraishi Mone) wants ordinary happiness – work and romance in moderation. She was born and grew up in a town in the countryside and has no particular dreams or things that she wants to do. Following after a childhood friend Kenya who is her crush and lives in Tokyo, Nami ends up getting a job in a big publishing company. However, she is assigned not to the equipment management department but to a fashion magazine’s editorial department instead. She finds herself caught in a hellish life under the very capable, caustic and cold Horai Reiko (Nanao) who is the youngest chief editor to date. However, as Nami observes the way Reiko works, her own attitude towards doing her job begins to change. In addition, she unexpectedly makes the acquaintance of the handsome photographer Junnosuke (Tamamori Yuta), who is the son of a wealthy family, and gets an outrageous suggestion from him. Nami would have been fine with a decent job and romance but she discovers what is truly important to her and starts to have dreams and live positively.

Dekkee Furoba de Mattemasu (DK Furoba) [Complete]

Shin (Hiromitsu Kitayama) and Ryudai (Shori Sato) run public bathhouse, Otori no Yu, located in a suburb. The bathhouse has been there for 150 years, since the Edo period. Due to poor finances, Shin and Ryudai struggle to maintain the bathhouse. While they work, they face various problems and happenings caused by their customers.

Kareinaru Ichizoku 2021 (WOWOW) [Complete]

Manpyo Daisuke (Nakai Kiichi) is the owner and president of Hanshin Bank which is ranked in tenth place in terms of volume of deposits at a time when Japan is enjoying rapid economic growth. He heads the Manpyo group of companies which consist of Hanshin Steel, Manpyo Real Estate, Manpyo Trading and Manpyo Warehouses. The family has gained wealth and power through family connections in Kansai’s business circles. When Daisuke hears about the move to reorganise the city’s banks from his eldest daughter Ichiko’s (Mimura Rie) husband Ataru (Kaname Jun) who is an elite Ministry of Finance official, he swings into action with a plan to prevent Hanshin Bank from being absorbed by a higher ranked bank and to fight for survival. Behind the scenes, a love-hate drama unfurls within the family from discord between father and sons (Mukai Osamu, Fujigaya Taisuke) to wife (Aso Yumi) and mistress (Uchida Yuki).

ConneXion [Complete]

Starring Yokoo Wataru, Fujigaya Taisuke, and Senga Kento! A story inspired by “ConneXion”, their unit song.
The story is set in year 2026 in Japan, where the government has introduced “AI Marriage Hunting” system to help match unmarried people over the age of 30 based on artificial intelligence data, and depicts three men who are tossed around by the future AI marriage hunting.

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