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Juuyou Sankounin Tantei #01


Finally this drama aired!!! Been 2 months wait since the announcement of this drama. I remembered the morning of Music Colosseum con last day, the drama was announced. I was crazy reading the news!!! Then of course Koyama showed up that day with Sorajiro on his hand, as a present for Tama. OMG that is so sweet.

And these 2 months I have been watching how these 2 got close, I mean Tama and Koyama, and I can sense how Koyama has fallen for Tama’s charm kekekeke. It shows clearly how Koyama adores Tama like his own little brother! Continue on, I am happy with your friendship, but of course my ultimate goal is not Tama and Koyama, but Tama and… that other member of NEWS XD

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