The final episode! ✈️

It’s so fast and short, with only 8 episodes 😦

This is a busy episode with many things to solve, but I think it’s a very satisfying ending!

Enjoy, and I hope you enjoy my work!

Thank you for watching and see you next season with Inori no Karte! 🩺

Aviation terms

  • An air turnback (ATB) is a situation where an aircraft returns to land at the departure aerodrome without having initially planned to do so. The most common reason for air turnback is an emergency or abnormal situation during or shortly after take-off, the most common being engine failure.
  • (Also in ep 3) Aquaplaning, also known as hydroplaning, is a condition in which standing water, slush or snow, causes the moving wheel of an aircraft to lose contact with the load bearing surface on which it is rolling with the result that braking action on the wheel is not effective in reducing the ground speed of the aircraft.

Translation notes

  • Time 46:35: The chief’s name, 五十嵐, is normally read “Igarashi”. I didn’t get that his name is “Ikanashi” until the ending of this last episode. When I tried to rewatch the earlier scenes, it sounded to me that everyone indeed said it “Ikanashi”, but they spoke very fast, so I think they tried to trick the viewers too. In order to keep this a surprise in the end (as what the drama intends to), I decided to keep the earlier subtitle to “Igarashi”, and will only change it to “Ikanashi” after this point forward. It maybe interesting to rewatch the drama only to pay attention to how everyone called the chief XD


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I have to wake up very early tomorrow, can’t write my thoughts now, I will write it later! I have so many things to say about this episode and this drama in overall though!


27 responses to “NICE FLIGHT! #8 [END]”

  1. omg the miyata cameo almost made me happier than seeing sui and mayu bc it was such a surprise vs we already know the leads will end up together hahaha (even the special thanks credit !! T0T). thank you so much for subbing this series!! a very sweet 8 eps~

    1. Hahaha omg same here! Sorry but im more excited seeing miyata my oshi in the last eps. Honestly i didnt know he would appear as cameo and HE WAS SOO HANDSOME HERE (pardon my bias, haha). *give him role for drama, please!*

      For windflows, thanks for your hardwork! I always enjoy watching shows w/ your subs!

      1. No one knows he would be a cameo so everyone was shocked! Hahaha glad it makes you happy seeing your oshi here! ^^
        I hope you enjoy the drama too!

    2. Miyata cameo literally got all of us jumped from our seats www it’s such a nice surprise!
      I loved seeing the special thanks credit too!
      Nice flight production team really knows how to do fanservice hahaha

  2. Thank you very much for the final episode. Otsukaresamadeshita.

  3. I apprecate all the hard work that was put into completing this

    1. Thank you! I hope you enjoy my work!

  4. Thank you so much for subbing Nice Flight. It was a very enjoyable watch 😊

  5. When you want more kisses from Sui , make him say I love you too~ 😘☺️

    Oh my! Why does a good story have to end?!! Such a heart stopping, heart warming and heart fluttering ending it was! 🥰 I’m tearing up really. 😭

    It wasn’t perfect, flawless and all, but I must say it was such a convincing and satisfying finale, and there’s no other better way to end it. This is Sui’s and everyone’s story after all.

    Congrats to all the casts and crews for wrapping up a good project. 🥳 I really did enjoy and learn so much on how everything is done behind every successful flight. I loved every flight he had, but this one’s very memorable. So this is how it feels like to be responsible for the safety of each lives. That’s why I am so moved to everyone’s encouragement for Sui and made him realize that no one could do it best but him. 🥺 It really shows how well loved he is and how confident they were for Sui.

    I feel like Sui inside the cockpit should be the end scene tho~ hearing Mayu’s cheer Sui himself, “Have a nice flight! and Have a Safe Trip” and Mayu hearing Sui’s response,”I’ll be on my way.” will make our SuiMayu ❤️ fly high for sure! It was really a special moment for them especially for Sui.

    This is highly recommended for Yuta and non-Yuta lovers, the character really suits him well. And on a pilot uniform is what every fan dream of. Makes me want to fly with him too. 😍 I don’t want this to end, and I wish it was longer…my SuiMayu ❤️ is feeling sad. I’m still open for a special or season 2 for another flying. 🙏Okaaay, help! I’m having a post-series depression already. Hahaha! 😁

    I wasn’t able to stream the final episode as it was blocked already so I did hang out on Twitter and here only. So I am very grateful for your hardwork. Your notes was helpful too that I was able to prepare myself ahead for each episode. Happy sharing the same feeling of excitement with you and everyone here. Hope to see you again on his next project.
    Bye for now~ ✈️ One love, one love forever~ 💕

    1. Thank you for your comment!
      I love reading others’ thoughts about the drama as well, so your comment is a delight for me! 😍
      Now “say it” is gonna be mayu’s secret code when she wants a kiss from sui, kyaaa i’m meltinggg 🙈

      The ending blew my mind away, i was literally blank for the next few days after this final episode. My brain didnt function at all i only kept looping that last scene over and over lol.

      The ending could be better, but i agree it’s not disappointing either, so i’m quite okay with it hehe.

      Omg your version of the ending scene would be perfect! Why didn’t the production team think of that!

      Happy to have you here to talk about nice flight, hope to see you around for inori no karte too! 😍

  6. Arigatou gozaimasu for subbing this wonderful drama :). Somehow it reminds me of Good Luck that I watched when I was younger. But Nice Flight has its own special quality that I did not expect. Watching this makes me realize how I miss Japan and Haneda. Haneda is my all-time favorite airport. Hopefully Japan will start opening normally again soon.

    1. I didnt watch good luck back then but i heard this drama really has good luck vibe! I think i’m going to start it to help heal my withdrawal for nice flight 🥲

      Nice flight did very exceptional for a midnight drama imo, and it did surpass my expectations (or maybe i just had a lower expectation since it’s a midnight slot 🙈)

      Watching this drama also makes me miss Japan so much, it’s been years since they closed their borders, but hopefully they’re opening soon!
      The next time I’m able to board a JAL and land at Haneda, I can imagine going all crazy and emotional thinking about Sui and Nice flight 🙈

  7. Thank you much for translating this drama.. Otsukaresama deshita 🤗❤️..

  8. I enjoyed watching this drama. Really love every part of the story! Thank you so much for the effort of subbing this drama!

    1. Every part of the story is indeed lovely and sweet 💕
      Glad that you love it, and glad that i’m able to help others discover this great drama 😊

  9. Thank you 😊 for your hard work 😘

    Hope to see Yuta again in next project 🤠

    Onece again thank you! Terima kasih 😘

    1. His next project is less than a month away!
      Hope to see you around for inori no karte too 🥰

  10. Thank you very much for your hard work.
    Tanoshikatta desu !!!!

    1. I had fun (and challenges) subbing this drama too! Hope you enjoy it as well!

  11. Miyacchi!!! 🙂 Loved this, thanks so much for taking the time to sub and share, it’s very much appreciated.

    1. Miyacchi indeed! He’s the highlight of the final episode hahaha

  12. Thank you very much for your hard work.
    Tanochiikatta desu!!!

  13. Thank you! お疲れ様でした!

  14. Thank you so much for all your hard work on this series! They packed a lot into one ep, but I think everything got resolved satisfactorily. The cute Mayu + Sui’s mom salon scene ended a little abruptly, but that was the only jarring note I recall. The Miyata cameo was a happy surprise; I always felt Sui’s big friendly, cheerful puppy-ness held a hint of Peak Cheerful Miyata, so seeing them both together was great. The final Sui-Mayu scene on the observation deck was sweet, the gentle teasing showing how comfortable they are with each other.

    I liked how the ep’s ending scenes of “business as usual” at the airport served as a bookend since the series started similarly, with Sui also being encouraged and supported by Mayu’s voice on the air traffic control radio. Have a nice flight, indeed!

    The ending was also a reminder that the series is more than just the kyun-kyun Sui-Mayu romance (which I love, of course!) but also a peek into the inner workings of airports/airlines. I was always touched by the pride and responsibility that airport/airline staff had for their jobs in this drama. Nice Flight presents the ideal for how air travel should be, and certainly made me yearn for air travel even more! Finally, I think there’s narrative runway (hee!) for a sequel, like a one-off special drama/movie (i.e., Sui+Mayu, snowy winter in Aomori…) or a second season (i.e., Journey to becoming Captain Kurata, etc.) Anyway, thanks again, and I look forward to the next series!!

  15. thank you very much for the last episode!

  16. Thankyou windflows. I’m glad i found your site and it is now bookmarked as a favorite. Appreciate all your effort – i’m sure it couldn’t have been easy with all the aviation terminology – you must be an expert now! Thank you again 🙂

    1. Glad you found your way here!
      And thank you for bookmarking it as well 😆
      It was challenging learning about the aviation terms, but I hope I did okay!

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