One more episode before the final one!

It’s the final round of Sui’s transition training. Captain Kitami and Murai tries to make things work between Sui and Okajima. Then finally the day of the exam comes.

Mayu has been avoiding Sui since she saw the message that Mitsuki sent to Sui. They keep missing paths and the misunderstanding drags on. Mayu wants to go back to Aomori for good to repay his grandpa. On the day when she’s supposed to tell Sui about it, she finds out something about their past.

Aviation terms

  • Fly-by-wire is a system that replaces the conventional manual flight controls of an aircraft with an electronic interface.
  • Difference between Head-up displays (HUD) and Primary Flight Display (PFD) source
  • A head-up display, or heads-up display, also known as a HUD, is any transparent display that presents data without requiring users to look away from their usual viewpoints. The origin of the name stems from a pilot being able to view information with the head positioned “up” and looking forward, instead of angled down looking at lower instruments. A HUD also has the advantage that the pilot’s eyes do not need to refocus to view the outside after looking at the optically nearer instruments.
  • A primary flight display or PFD is a modern aircraft instrument dedicated to flight information. Much like multi-function displays, primary flight displays are built around a Liquid-crystal display or CRT display device. Representations of older six pack or “steam gauge” instruments are combined on one compact display, simplifying pilot workflow and streamlining cockpit layouts.


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I’m loving the offshot photos from this episode! My favorite people!

There’s so much angst in this episode, I can’t stand it arrgghhh!

On one side, Sui is finally hitting it off with Okajima. I love Captain Kitami and Murai, I love them!! They’re like the perfect senpai/mentor one could have! All the words that Captain Murai said made sense, I kept nodding so hard to listen to everything he said! I can’t express how much I love this scene!

I start to be moved by Sui and Okajima’s relationship too. They actually care about each other more than they think, but they’re just too proud to admit that? I’m glad they finally have the chance to talk it through. They probably just need a little push from someone else to break the ice between them. Look, one effort from Captain Kitami and Murai, and Okajima immediately comes to visit Sui’s place 🤣

And right after, look what Okajima did for Sui. Arrgghh my heart, these two are just the perfect buddy! I love their bond! Can I ship them now? And this is totally unrelated, but I love how Tama looks so small beside Okajima and Captain Murai www. I’m not used to seeing Tama this small, since he’s usually the tallest in his group 🤭

The part where Sui and Mayu keep having misunderstanding frustrates me a lot, so I’m not gonna say much about this part. I just want to say… I love Sui, he’s been so positive and trying to work things out with Mayu, but Mayu is just… not ready to open her heart to Sui 😢

Everyone in the airport just loves Sui and cheering him on for his first flight hahaha. I imagine I’d be like them too if I know a person like Sui in my real life lol.

Unrelated. Pardon me but I just want to post this shot because… HE. JUST. LOOKS. SO. DAMN. GOOD. OH. MY. GOD.

I also love the part where Mayu had a talk with her grandpa over the phone… The words that Grandpa said really hit hard, I can’t help feeling moved too. What a wonderful family relationship, jiichan can I be your granddaughter too 😭 He’s such a wonderful person. Even though he’s bad with words and socializing with people, but his heart is pure and sincere. I can tell that he loves Mayu a lot 😭 We didn’t know that this is how he feels about Mayu wanting to be a controller until this episode, I didn’t expect it, I… arrgghhhh 😭

Then when Mayu finally found out that the boy she met that day was Sui… Who’d have expected that it was the boy who suggested Mayu to be a controller!!! I didn’t see it coming at all!!! But now that I think of it, these two, Sui and Mayu are really fated together… They have more impact on each other’s lives more than they realize! And all the more after knowing what Grandpa felt about it… I got goosebumps when I watched this scene! I know I’ve been praising the scriptwriter like crazy but this is just… cruel!! (I mean the opposite) They can’t do this to my heart!!! 😭 And Mayu looks so pretty when she finally learned about the truth… She shines so brightly, even with that humble look of hers. The scene is shot very beautifully too with the sun rays and everything… Arrrggghhh I love this part so much!!!

But I have a bad feeling about the last scene of the episode… No, Suiii!!!

I just hope they’re going to give us a happy ending at the finale and that the final episode is satisfying. Otherwise I’ll go berserk! 🤣🤣🤣

See you next episode! The final one 😢


18 responses to “NICE FLIGHT! #7”

  1. wow, as always you’re really fast! thank you!

    isn’t it too short? why does it have to end immediately?!! T__T thought I could see Tama more in pilot uniform. And I like Anne too. I hope they won’t rush the ending. they’ve been doing that on the previous episode.

    thanks again. 🙂

    1. It is indeed too short 😦 if they take it easier, they could easily make it into a 9 or 10 episodes drama.
      In the last few episodes they focus too much on the piloting thingy that we dont get to see our main leads interact that much. I need more convincing scenes why sui and mayu have to be together!

      I seriously hope they wont rush the ending into only like the last 10 mins or something… they cant do that to us!! 😣

    2. I know right?! I wish episode 7 didn’t happen. There were not enough scenes of them already but they wasted too much time. They focus too much on the technical side that they lose track of the characters and their developments. Too detailed that sometimes I’m confuse if I’m watching a JAL special documentary or a long version of JAL commercial.
      Though I enjoy watching and learning how everything is done behind every successful flight(especially our pilot), I just wish they also give the same importance to the story of the leads. Like at the end of the eps 6 where Sui hugs Mayu to console her and without much lines, it was morning already. Like what the hell did happen? 🙄 They’re rushing everything without giving much thought.

      I call MayuSui “ending lovers”. Because we only see them at the end of each eps. Lol!

      Anyway, tho I don’t like it to end, I hope they end it with our hearts fulfilled with happiness. Season 2 or special..praying. 😍

      Sorry for ranting here. Thank you very much for everything. I hope I see you in Yuta’s next series.:)

      1. Your comment is so much fun to read, thank you for sharing your thoughts here!
        What i honestly thought shouldn’t happen is actually ep 3 lol. The whole episode basically a pause for Sui-Mayu relationship.
        And I agree it’s more like a JAL documentary than a drama hahaha although, I felt it the most at ep 1. It’s gradually toning down as the ep progresses.

        I KNOW! EP 6 WAS LIKE WTF? Hey how come they met before sunset and the next thing we know they woke up in the morning!?!? I want to know what happened in between!! Hahaha it’s difficult to satisfy the viewers because we keep wanting for more 🙈

        I hope to see you around in Tama’s next drama too!

  2. Noooooo can’t believe next episode is the final one. I’m not ready to say goodbye to them just yet!! We haven’t really seen a lot of interaction between our leads too! I need more of them together rather than all these misunderstandings and being apart from one another. But I hope now that Mayu realises that they really did hit it off at the start that they should just be together. I hope she opens her heart and soul to Sui now! I wish there will be a special episode after this or more behind the scenes than just what they’re showing on the instagram. Thank you as always for subbing this so quickly! I cannot wait to watch it with subs in the morning! You are simply the best best best and I really appreciate all your hard work that goes into subbing each and every episode.

    1. 8 episodes is indeed too short 😦 it feels like only yesterday when they finally confessed their feelings, now it’s only one episode left!
      I totally dont need the misunderstanding! I had hopes that the writer would not fall into that cliche conflict of an ex-gf, which shouldnt even be a conflict in sui’s case. That’s my biggest disappointment about this drama 😦

      But sui being mayu’s driver to have this dream is something i didnt expect at all! And it really give me goosebumps this episode 😭

      Thank you for your warm comments and it really delights me to find people i can talk to about the drama 😆

  3. Awesome blog @windflows, as always! Nice Flight! has such a fantastic writing and screenplay, so much is packed into 45min each episode while staying original and captivating.
    I’m with everyone feeling a bit sad that there’s only one episode left, but I’m looking forward to it and hoping there might be a sequel. What a wonderful drama!
    Thank you for your work and looking forward to the finale!

    1. Thank you for your comment!
      I can’t agree more with you, the writing and screenplay is so beautiful, it’s almost a waste that it’s only a short midnight drama.

      Let’s brace ourselves together toward the finale!

  4. Thank you very much for he latest episode, always appreciated all your hard work. Mada owaritakunai kedo, looking forward for Tama`s new drama/role. so excited.

    1. It’s finally ended 😦
      But the good thing this time is that we have new drama to look forward to 😍
      It helps with the withdrawal on nice flight 😔

  5. Thank you so much as always! Your notes about the terminology and the air traffic control directions have been so helpful to me since I don’t understand any of this stuff 😅 I can’t believe it’s almost the end. Otsukaresama!

    1. I dont understand any before i watched this drama too!
      It’s a drama that made me learn a lot of new things and I love it!
      Glad you found the terminology notes helpful!

  6. thank you very much for eps. 6-7!!

  7. Thanks for your hard work on such a surely difficult drama!

    1. It’s indeed a challenging drama to translate, but i feel a sense of accomplishment to be able to sub this 🥰
      Thank you for your support!

  8. Thank you for subbing and sharing!! I felt exactly the same as you about this episode — touched and inspired by scenes from Sui’s professional life, and frustrated by the misunderstandings abounding in Sui’s personal life. Mayu starting to build up walls again is tough to watch. Her backstory explains why she does it, but still…The flashback and Mayu’s realization that she met Sui in the past is lovely, and likely would have led to another kyaaa-worthy scene with Sui if the drama had a few more episodes to work with (why only 8 eps?!!). I was proud of Sui overcoming the charter plane go-around successfully, but that last shot of his hands with the ominous music definitely set off alarms….how are they going to resolve all of this in one episode?!! Still, good ep with great Sui scenes. Really liked seeing the arc from Pouty Sui vs Sullen Okajima, to Captains Kitami and Murai’s Gyoza Peace Summit, to relaxed, friendly and supportive (and hugging!) partners Sui and Okajima!

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