Episode 6!

Sui starts his transition training, and is paired with Okajima. A pair’s teamwork is critical for this training, but Sui and Okajima’s relationship isn’t that well.

Sui gets busier with studying for the training that he has less time to see Mayu. One day when Mayu visits Sui’s place, she accidentally finds out the reason why Sui and Mitsuki, his ex, broke up.

Aviation terms

  • To trim an aircraft is to adjust the aerodynamic forces on the control surfaces so that the aircraft maintains the set attitude without any control input.
  • Trim Systems are considered to be a “secondary” flight control system. By definition, to “trim” an aircraft is to adjust the aerodynamic forces on the control surfaces so that the aircraft maintains the set attitude without any control input.
  • The trim reference speed is the speed at which the airplane would eventually stabilize if there were no control column inputs.
  • Airport Lighting Aids: Approach Light Systems (ALS) is a lighting system installed on the approach end of an airport runway and consisting of a series of lightbars, strobe lights, or a combination of the two that extends outward from the runway end. It provides the basic means to transition from instrument flight to visual flight for landing.
  • PF and PM. In commercial aviation with a two-person flight crew, the pilot flying (PF) is the pilot operating the flight controls of the aircraft. The other pilot is referred to as the pilot monitoring (PM) or pilot not flying (PNF). Before a flight departs, the pilot in command must decide who the pilot flying and pilot monitoring will be for the remainder of the flight, or for any specific phase of flight (e.g. take-off, approach or landing). Typically, the flight crew swap roles on the return leg. Reference.
  • Engine-indicating and crew-alerting system (EICAS) is an integrated system used in modern aircraft to provide aircraft flight crew with instrumentation and crew annunciations for aircraft engines and other systems. On EICAS equipped aircraft the “recommended remedial action” is called a checklist.
  • Memory items (alternately known as recall or immediate action items) is an action that must be taken in response to a non-routine event so quickly that reference to a checklist is not practical because of a potential loss of aircraft control, incapacitation of a crewmember, damage to or loss of an aircraft component or system, which would make continued safe flight improbable.


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STOP HERE! Spoiler alert!!!

This is the sweetest episode ever, I swear!

Friday morning before this episode aired, suddenly their Twitter account bombed us with such a compromising still photo (the featured image of this post). Then we’re like, OMG WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING, WE NEVER HEARD OF THIS!!! But let’s get to this part later.

I already had my heart stop ever since the first 10 minutes, Sui and Mayu’s interactions are just too sweet to take! My heart is barely hanging on 💘

I mean, they start the scene with this, how am I supposed to survive the whole episode!? 🤯

Poor Sui, all Mayu can think about is food 🤣 Mayu is too cute!

I love the conversation they’re having at Sui’s place afterwards. This, conversation like this, is what I’ve always been waiting for!!! I need heart-to-heart talk, getting to know each other better and trying to understand each other’s life! This!!! I mean, I don’t hate kyun moments, but I think it’s sweet little things like these that makes their chemistry grow stronger!

Mayu, WELL SAID. CAN’T AGREE MORE WITH YOU. I SHALL SEND YOU A BOUQUET OF ROSES FOR SPEAKING UP OUR FEELINGS 😘Gosh I love this scriptwriter so much, her words just hit all the right places!!!

I also love the way they really go into detail about this piloting thingy. Before, I didn’t know that a pilot is only licensed for one type of aircraft. But this fact has been mentioned not only once, but many times throughout the drama. This seems to be a very important point that will determine the flow of the story. Look at Sui’s honest and unswaying aspiration though 🥺 Sui, I’m rooting for you. I hope you’ll pass the training and be a B787 pilot!

I love this scene a lot, and Mayu’s expressions, though!

The main issue for this episode seems to be Sui and Okajima’s bad relationship. I don’t know what’s wrong with Okajima but he’s really proud and kind of painful 😣 Well, I can already expect that they will make him reflect on his shortcomings and turn mild, and him and Sui are going to make the best pair ever. Typical formula of classic J-Dramas 😌

But what I’m quite surprised and didn’t expect coming is, the way Sui is so calm in dealing with troubles and emergencies. I love his calm voice, level-headedness and composed look at all times. Sasuga unlucky co-pilot. I didn’t expect the unluckiness will come in handy like this! The scriptwriter is a genius 😭 (praising her for n times already lol) I guess Captain Kitami already tipped off Murai with so many things about these trainees, that’s why he knows about Sui’s reputation haha. Love her so much!

This is kind of unusual, but you know what, I feel like the ex-girlfriend thingy in this drama isn’t annoying at all. In the contrary, I kind of like her though! She’s mature and bears no ill-will. I mean, it looks like her relationship with Sui is only pure friends now, that’s how they can be open like this. Surprisingly, I didn’t know I need this character until this episode haha. She seems to understand Sui very well.

And of course at the end of the episode, we always have our main couple fulfill our hunger with their sweetest interaction ever! Gosh they already get to such a compromising situation, the mood is perfect, even look at her eyes, WHERE ARE THEY POINTED TO? What are you waiting for!?!?

And yet… well. I sometimes forget that this drama airs at a midnight slot. The quality is so much comparable to those of prime time slot (except the casts, though – prime ones would usually cast bigger names for the supporting roles 🤫)

I’ll leave it at here. See you next episode!

God he has beautiful eyes 🥺


15 responses to “NICE FLIGHT! #6”

  1. Thank you so much for no. 6 – as always much appreciated ^-^.

  2. Thank you so much 💛, the drama gets better and better

    1. It gets better each episode, too bad it’s only 2 episodes left ☹️

      1. Oh noo!!! Really?! 2 episodes left?! 0.0 It’s too short… T_T I thought it’ll be 10 episodes? To be honest they haven’t got enough scenes together.

        Thank you for providing the subs by the way.

      2. I know, it’s too short!! Feels like everything is jammed into the last few episodes, I still need more! T.T

  3. Thank you very much for episode 6. Very much appreciated.

  4. Thanks again for episode 6, this drama really have that appeal to me the balance between work, romance and family really awesome.

    1. Glad that you enjoy it!
      It really has all the balance mixed in perfectly!

  5. Thank you so much 😚 This ep is so sweet 🥰

  6. As always, thank you for all your hard work subbing this! Great episode, with lovely Sui-Mayu scenes, like Sui hugging tipsy Mayu and the snuggly bed scene with Share Love MV vibes! Loved seeing Sui’s other facets, too — Cheerful-Cooking-Sui, Excited-Puppy-Running-Sui, Relaxed-Sauna-Sui and InControl-Pilot-Sui. Happy that Mayu has opened up more, though her insecurities are relatable. So sad this series will be ending soon as I’ve grown very fond of Sui and Mayu. Hope these two will overcome the looming obstacles with minimal angst!

    1. The bed scene with share love vibes! I love the way you describe it, perfectly spot on! 🤭
      This episode is a deep dive into sui’s world, which is very satisfying to see!
      I still feel the angst is a bit unnecessary, i prefer them to spend more time knowing each other better than having some shallow misunderstanding that keep them apart 😦

  7. This show makes it seem like JAL only flies 767 and 787’s. They also make it seem like type training for the 787 is literal hell on earth.

    1. Not everyone is that familiar with airplane types and the aviation industry, I’m one example that is completely clueless about it. I think it’s good that they make it as simple as possible and explain it as detailed as possible so even a fool like me can understand.

  8. Thank you so much. Such a cute episode … 🙂

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