Had a few notes for this episode too!

Aviation terms

  • Bird strike—sometimes called birdstrike, bird ingestion, bird hit, or bird aircraft strike hazard —is a collision between an airborne animal and a moving vehicle, usually an aircraft. The term is also used for bird deaths resulting from collisions with structures such as power lines, towers and wind turbines.
  • The Aeronautical Information Service (AIS) is a service established in support of international civil aviation, whose objective is to ensure the flow of information necessary for the safety, regularity, and efficiency of international air navigation. Aeronautical Information Service officers maintain the operational timing from sunrise to sunset in order to ensure that the information passed by agencies is authentic. They strive to ensure safety, regularity and efficiency.
  • Aquaplaning, also known as hydroplaning, is a condition in which standing water, slush or snow, causes the moving wheel of an aircraft to lose contact with the load bearing surface on which it is rolling with the result that braking action on the wheel is not effective in reducing the ground speed of the aircraft.
  • NM (Nautical Mile): An International System of Units’ unit of measurement defined as exactly 1852 meters. The nautical mile is based on the Earth’s longitude and latitude coordinates, with one nautical mile equaling one minute of latitude.
  • FINAL: Commonly used to mean that an aircraft is on the final approach course or is aligned with a landing area.


Full HD

(1920×1080 / 00:48:30 / 1.57 GB)


(1280×720 / 00:48:30 / 1.06 GB)

So much presence of Natsume and Kawahara this episode, and so very little of Sui and Mayu, I’m sad 😩 I guess it’s because they’re highlighting the ATC job this time.

Well it seems Kawahara will change for the better, so I hope she’ll get less annoying in the upcoming episodes. Meanwhile, it seems that the ground staff that’s close to Sui finally shows up again? And a summer camp next episode? That’s surely something worth looking forward to 😍


13 responses to “NICE FLIGHT! #3”

  1. Hi. I love you. Haha. Thank you so much for the subs!

  2. Small mistake at 19:21, subs say runway 16L when it should be 16R. Thank you for the subs I’m loving this show!

    1. Thank you for the correction! Will revise the file later on 🙂

  3. Hi you’re the absolute best and I really appreciate your subbing. I’ve never been so invested in a drama before!

    1. Thank you! This drama is indeed good 😊

  4. Thank you so much 💛

  5. Thank you so much for no. 3 ^-^.

  6. Thank you for subbing and sharing! I agree that this episode was a little slower because of the focus on the secondary characters, but the scenes that Sui and Mayu were in were great and things are starting to move along nicely!

    1. Sui and Mayu only need to show up for a moment and they instantly make us so kyun with their interaction 😍

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