Revised “aviation training” in episode 1 to “boarding training” here.
The raw from Kanto station, TV Asahi had an earthquake alert in the middle of the drama, so I used the raw from Kansai station, ABC TV instead for this episode.

Aviation terms

  • Airband or aircraft band is the name for a group of frequencies in the VHF radio spectrum allocated to radio communication in civil aviation, sometimes also referred to as VHF, or phonetically as “Victor”.
  • Pushback means the movement of an aircraft from a nose-in parking stand using the power of a specialized ground vehicle attached to or supporting the nose landing gear.
  • Information <letter> is a simple versioning system used in ATIS (Automatic Terminal Information Service). ATIS messages contain information about the weather at the airport, runways in use etc. This information is transmitted on a dedicated radio frequency and repeated in a loop. The ATIS messages are updated frequently as the weather or operations at the airport change. Every time a new ATIS message is generated, the letter is changed.
  • Thrust is the force needed to overcome the resistance of air (drag) to the passage of an aircraft.
  • In an axial flow jet engine, N1 refers to the rotational speed of the low speed spool which consists of the fan, the low pressure compressor and the low pressure turbine, all of which are connected by a concentric shaft. On many jet engines, N1 is the primary indication of engine thrust as an alternative to Engine Pressure Ratio (EPR) that is used on others.
  • V1 is the maximum speed at which a rejected takeoff can be initiated in the event of an emergency. V1 is also the minimum speed at which a pilot can continue takeoff following an engine failure.

Other translation notes

  • Ichigoni is a soup made of fresh sea urchin and abalone. “Ichigo” means “strawberry”, and it was so named since sea urchins in a cloudy broth looked like wild strawberries. It is a local specialty of Hashikami town in Aomori prefecture.
  • Senbei-jiru is a country-style dish from Hachinohe in the Nanbu region of Aomori. It is a stew with meat, seafood, mushroom, vegetables, and a type of cracker called Nanbu senbei. Nanbu senbei are wheat-flour crackers made from flour and salt. The crackers are broken into pieces and cooked in a dashi broth made from meat, fish, mushrooms, and vegetables.


Full HD

(1920×1080 / 00:48:09 / 1.56 GB)


(1280×720 / 00:48:09 / 1.06 GB)

Whoaa I love this episode!

It’s so much better compared to the first episode! Now the plot flows much more naturally, and they’re actually blending the technical knowledge very well into the dialog!

Aside of the romance part, I can predict a possible conflict with Okajima. Sui seems to aspire to fly an international flight? He looks kind of irritated whenever Okajima mentions international flight. And his dream is probably flying that Boeing 787? They’ve been scattering clues here and there, I think they must collect them somewhere later.

I’m so happy with more interaction between Sui and Captain Kitami! I love it so much when she starts teasing him, hahaha he’s so cute!

Can’t wait for next episode already! By the look of the trailer, Mayu will have a problem at work too, with that rigid Captain. See you next episode!


12 responses to “NICE FLIGHT! #2”

  1. thanks so much for your hardwork ❤

  2. Live your work and thanks a million!!

  3. I can’t watch it on my android phone.I can download but the video player doesn’t play to the end.How should I do?Plz…

    1. Maybe the file that you downloaded is corrupted or something? Or you can try watching in different device

      1. I get it as I try to download it with other app.Thank you so much..

      2. Hope you manage to download it!

  4. Thank you! This episode just flew by, even when watching it raw on TVer, and it went by even faster subbed! We got some really great backstory, and we got to see the main characters interact cutely in a new environment, so yay!

    1. This is one great episode, where we get to see Sui and Mayu getting to know each other.
      The promise they made to each other here is one of my fave moments!

  5. Thank you so, so much!

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