ConneXion Complete Episodes (1-6) END

Hi I subbed all episodes of ConneXion! Have been contemplating if I want to share the sub or not, but finally I decided to do so!

This drama is the 3rd and (probably) the last one of dTV Kisumai drama series, alongside with BE LOVE and Kaikan Install last year. Now all 3 dramas are complete.

Description taken from ConneXion official website.

Starring Yokoo Wataru, Fujigaya Taisuke, and Senga Kento! A story inspired by “ConneXion”, their unit song.
30 years old, single! No girlfriend!
That special someone that AI suddenly tells them to meet…
A love story about 3 childhood friends who are tossed around by the compulsory dating application “ConneXion”.

The lyrics to the song was written by Fujigaya Taisuke, choreographed by Senga Kento and sung in falsetto by Yokoo Wataru.
A drama based on a story inspired by the song “ConneXion”.

The story is set in year 2026 in Japan, where the government has introduced “AI Marriage Hunting” system to help match unmarried people over the age of 30 based on artificial intelligence data, and depicts three men who are tossed around by the future AI marriage hunting.


dTV is a paid subscription service, I still strongly suggest to subscribe if you are capable to do so. Therefore, I am not making it public, so you’ll require the access to download.

Please read the instructions below carefully on how to download.

This is how it looks like when you click the link.

In the REQUEST ACCESS MESSAGE (NOT IN THIS POST), please tell me the following:

Your LJ or Twitter account, and why you want to watch this drama.

Please don’t write short answers that doesn’t explain anything like “Because I want to watch it”.

The above screen only shows up in PC version. It will NOT show up in mobile app version. So PC is necessary to open the link.

I will revert to you within 2×24 hours.

Episodes and Summary

2021.07.02 Episode 1

Is this a fated encounter!? The romance of three childhood friends begins

In 2026, the “Special Marriage Law” comes to effect and all unmarried people over the age of 30 will be automatically registered to an AI matchmaking “ConneXion” and have the duty to perform marriage hunting.
At the matchmaking party venue, Shinji and Haru meet Sho, an old childhood friend that had alienated himself.
Shinji then meets his matching partner, but…

2021.07.09 Episode 2

The way to start a new romance

Shinji and Haru are checking the date course that “ConneXion” set up for Shinji. Looking at the partner’s background, the details and location of the date, Shinji can’t help feeling surprised at the fact that ConneXion seems to know everything about his past.
Sho and Haru help Shinji with his first date. They help him choose clothes, and give advices on how to prepare himself. On the day of the date, Sho and Haru give instructions from a remote place to the nervous Shinji.
While Shinji is tossed around by their advice, he somehow tries to get through the troubles that occur.

2021.07.16 Episode 3

I feel we are fated

Shinji finds out that Asumi is Low Gear, and approaches her.
Meanwhile, he’s having a date with Erika, the second person that ConneXion matched for him. On the day of the date, Sho and Haru give advices to Shinji on the amusement park date, when in fact they are tossing Shinji around with their unreasonable requests.

2021.07.23 Episode 4

Love!? Shinji, Sho and Asumi’s feelings on the move

Shinji goes to a place near Asumi’s shop, but he loiters around the nearby sandy beach instead of entering her shop.
As if trying to cheer him up, Haru starts talking about the memories of Shinji’s father. Meanwhile, Asumi decides to be honest with herself and makes a move.
Sho calls Shinji to a vacant lot, and tells him about the pub that used to be in that vacant lot and about Mirei, a girl who used to work there. Shinji and Sho and Asumi’s love starts to develop. Haru is watching over them but…

2021.07.30 Episode 5

A fated matchmaking…?

Haru is forced to leave ConneXion and disappears.
Sho is a little annoyed with Shinji who doesn’t ask him what happens with him and Asumi, but instead brushes everything with a smile.
Shinji and Asumi’s first date is a cycling date. Shinji receives a message from Haru.

2021.08.06 Episode 6 [END]

Next is your turn to smile

Sho is matched with Mirei, the girl whom he’s been having feelings for since his school days. But he still can’t get rid of the regret he felt for himself in the past.
Sho doesn’t show up in his date with Mirei at the aquarium, is unable to escape from his urge to run away.
What will Shinji, Sho and Haru find at the end of the AI marriage activities “ConneXion”?

My impression of the drama.

Hmm… it’s honestly a mix between a fan service and a decent drama lol. As from the drama side, I do think they should be able to brush it up more nicely, instead of trying to finish everything so quickly. I think the ending is a bit pushed and fast. Some scenes are draggy and unnecessary, but on the other hand, the important ones are cut very short.

When watching, I was confused at how I should position myself lol. As a Kisumai fan? As a drama fan? Because it’s surely a mix between both (which I think they could actually do a better job in mixing it up more nicely). Like as a fan, I feel quite betrayed that they say all 3 are main leads, when in fact the main lead is Yokoo-san. Well, they did mention it here and there that Yokoo-san is the leader, but honestly I still expect a fair share of all 3 of them!

I love Sho’s story the most, I am glad of Shinji’s character growth, but Haru is surely lack of exposure! I demand more of Sen-chan! Hahaha.

But after all, experience won’t lie huh. Gaya and Ono Ito’s scenes are so natural, they’re the only ones that make me feel like I’m watching a real drama. LOL. That’s why ep 4 and 6 are my fave episodes, while ep 2 and 3 the least fave ones. Hahaha.

Okay gonna shut my mouth up here before I start writing some unpleasant stuff lol.

Hope you enjoy it!


8 responses to “ConneXion Complete Episodes (1-6) END”

  1. Omgomgomg Flow you subbed it 😭😭😭
    Otsukaresama deshita!!!

  2. So cool, thank you! Just sent off the request 🙂

    1. Hope you enjoy it!

  3. Thank you very much! But I don`t get access (more than 48 hours have passed) 😦

    1. Thanks for the reminder. I remembered I have approved the access but somehow your name doesn’t show up on the sharing list? Anyway it has been re-approved now.

      1. Thanks a lot! 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for subbing and sharing this drama! My thoughts on this drama were similar to yours. It did feel choppy and a bit rushed and they definitely could have done more with Sen-chan’s character….but I quite enjoyed the fan service (the improvised bits where Gaya and Senga monitored Yokoo’s dates were so cute, even though they differ so much from the drama’s overall vibe) and there was character growth, so all in all, I’m satisfied with it! The boys seemed to have fun filming it, so that’s also a huge plus!

  5. Thank you for subbing this drama! Just finished it. I felt like… idk?

    The premise is really interesting, but they could definitely use a few more episodes to better develop the whole idea. Senga’s character had so much wasted potential.

    Not exactly sure how I feel about the improvised scenes. As a Kisumai fan, it was spectacular to see them being silly together. But, from the POV of someone watching a drama… weird??? It just didn’t fit with the rest of the story.

    But it was still enjoyable.

    Thanks again for your work!

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