Kareinaru Ichizoku 2021 #9

Here’s episode 9! Took me longer than before to finish this. Gosh translating this episode was a torture! 😅

It started with the explosion at Hanshin Special Steel (thankfully it’s not as devastating as I thought it would be and it didn’t really drag long, so I was okay 😁)

I think the highlight of this episode is Daisuke conspiring with Watanuki. Their conspiration changes the whole situation for everyone.

There was one particular matter that took me so long to translate because I had to do quite a lot of research to understand the whole context.

The translation notes below is more of what I have researched so far that helped my understanding. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Translation notes (screenshot below):

  • At 20:23 – 手形割引 (Discounted bill/Commercial paper).
    A bill of exchange that can be sold to a financial institute before its payment date at a price that is lower than its value, is usually used by SMEs with tight financial condition.
    Reference Discounted bill, Commercial paper, Japanese.
    Maturities on most commercial paper ranges from a few weeks to months. Commercial paper is usually issued at a discount from face value and reflects prevailing market interest rates.
  • At 21:29 – 手形交換所 (Clearinghouse).
    An entity that substitutes itself as a seller to every buyer and a buyer to every seller and guarantees the execution of trade settlement by assuming an obligation of delivery of securities and payment of funds. As a counterparty of the settlement, a clearing house instructs settlement facilities to transfer securities and funds. Reference here.
    The English equivalent is clearinghouse, but based on the reference here, English meaning of “clearinghouse” has a broader scope and covers some functions that are different from the usual practice in Japan.
    The diagram from Japan Bankers Association may provide clearer understanding.
  • At 21:39 – 手形の買戻し (Repurchase).
    Repurchase of bills that have been collected at the clearinghouse as a result of bankruptcy or non-payment. Financial institutions who purchased the discounted bills have the right to ask the lender to repurchase the bills, and it will be in face value. Reference 1, 2.
  • The whole context about discounted bill, clearinghouse, repurchase in a more detailed explanation: here (Japanese).
  • In summary, based on my understanding, this is what happens. Hanshin Special Steel tries to get Goryo Bank to purchase their discounted bills (of the loans they have from other banks?) for a short-term fundraising. At first, Goryo Bank refuses to do so (based on Zenidaka’s conversation with Yasui). Then Teppei comes to Mikumo, Mikumo calls the Managing Director of Goryo Bank and gets a positive response. However since the financial condition of Hanshin Special Steel is very bad and they’re at the risk of non-payment, the bills they have are already on the way to get to the clearinghouse. Now Hanshin Special Steel will have to repurchase the bills at face value, which Mikumo helps provide the funds for that. I hope I get it right LOL.

Full HD

(1920×1080 / 00:55:29 / 1.91 GB)


(1280×720 / 00:55:29 / 1.03 GB)

There are a few scenes that I want to point out.

First is the family scene where everyone gathered in Manpyo main house after the accident in Hanshin Special Steel.

For once, they look like a family with one heart (except for Aiko). And I’m very much glad to see Ginpei standing up for his family! At last, Ginpei, at last! He should show the same passion for his own family too, but oh well, I guess that’s not how Ginpei is supposed to be.

Next scene I want to talk about is this Daisuke and Watanuki! Whoaa this scene gives me goosebumps really, and I think this is the highlight of the episode! It was so symbolic, from the scene and the dialog and everything, I feel like it’s very elegantly written and portrayed! The Daimonji festival is so iconic and it fits Daisuke’s ambition very well, with him being obsessed with absorbing the “big” banks.

The way they make full use of the Daimonji and the tradition, whoa really gives me the goosebumps.

Like 70% of this episode is about banks and financing, there were financial scenes spree for around 22 mins, and about 300 lines. That was surely a torture to translate 😅

No wonder I don’t understand many things when watching the raw episode lol. They mentioned so many financial terms that I’m unfamiliar with, that I had to wreck my brain to research and try to understand the context.

Then the annoying scene that took me hours to research and understand (and I’m still having doubts about it even now LOL)

Finally we get to Ginpei’s scene!!! (Only a short one, though zzz)

And yep, it starts with a closeup of his lips again 😅

Oh and we get a closeup shot of Riho-chan’s lips too!

Gosh this scene is so pretty. The lighting and the whole nuance… I like it very much!

Well, Ginpei is always and still a jerk when it comes to Makiko, which I don’t understand why, but let’s just enjoy his visuals here 😅

And this is honestly the first time I ever saw Aiko angry. I mean she’s always sharp-tongued and her words are harsh, but not a change in her expression! But well, seeing her angry and lose her composure like this… that’s surely a classy way to get frustrated!

Finally scenes that are NOT about finance back to back, hahaha it was quite relaxing to have these scenes among the heavy bank talks www.

My favorite! Ichiko-oneesama! She looks very graceful… And her smile is always soothing. She’s really THE perfect oneechan!

I really love Ichiko’s complicated expressions she always shows throughout the whole drama. It’s like she’s in agony herself, but she has no one to turn to and decides to just accept her destiny… She isn’t as frank and rebellious as Tsugiko, but I think she’s a strong woman too.

And look who’s ruining the mood lol. Poor Hosokawa-san, they portray him as a despicable guy because Tsugiko doesn’t like him www.

Well okay, for once, I admit that’s one creepy smile, Hosokawa www. I’d get the creeps too if someone smiles at me like that. 🥶

But that creepiness aside, he’s a pretty decent guy. It’s just, maybe he can’t read the situation and end up saying something very rude and insensitive, especially to Tsugiko that already despises him very much. Wrong move, Hosokawa! Now the girl despises you even more!

Oh and I’m actually surprised that he still shows up in this episode lol. I thought his part already ended at episode 8 hahaha.

Last one! It’s the very last scene of Daisuke. Gosh he just goes a totally different level in insanity, the gesture of sniffing the documents is just sick!!! 🥶 And that hysteric laughter is scaryyyyyyy 😖

That’s all! See you next episode!


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  1. Many thanks. This must really be the subbing superleague. Great effort.

  2. As always thank you so much for your work ^-^. Highly appreciated.

  3. Wow, thank you! 🙂

  4. Thank you very much for episode 9. Otsukaresamadeshita.

  5. It’s ep9 already, Flow you’re awesome!!
    also, thank you so much for Gaya’s close up lips screenshoot ❤

  6. Thank you very much for episode 9

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