Kareinaru Ichizoku 2021 #8

After a long wait, here’s episode 8!

Wow it’s two-thirds already! 4 more episodes to go!

Another difficult episode to translate 😅 They basically give me the easy stuff in the first half of the episode, but when it reaches the second half… all the long and complicated sentences came up I got headache lol.

This episode… on the family side they mainly focus on Tsugiko and Hosokawa’s engagement, Teppei is busy raising funds for his company as always, and Daisuke is busy with his scheme against Daido Bank.

While Ginpei… I don’t know what to say about Ginpei, but it’s quite painful seeing him in this episode.

Full HD

(1920×1080 / 00:55:29 / 1.91 GB)


(1280×720 / 00:55:29 / 1.03 GB)

I’m tired so I’m not going to write as much as usual.

I only wanted to talk about two scenes.

Makiko got pregnant and had a miscarriage, she blamed Ginpei for it, Ginpei got scolded by Daisuke, Ginpei went frustrated and he wandered alone in the night street.

Damn Daisuke’s intense stare is so scary.

Gaya said something about this scene and an adlib he made. It was a very difficult scene that he was so cornered when doing it.

I only read his blog days some days later after he posted it, after I watched the episode. Otsukaresama Gaya, you did great!

And one more scene that I wanted to talk about is when Tsugiko badmouthed Hosokawa. I finally get what Gaya and Miyata were talking about at that 2 parts talks they did before the first episode of the drama aired. Gaya felt sorry for Hosokawa that Tsugiko kept badmouthing him when he wasn’t even there for something that Hosokawa didn’t do (or at least we didn’t see). LOL. Tsugiko is such a strong-willed girl.

By the way, poor Hosokawa-sama, Tsugiko hates him that much when he actually looks this fine… Probably if it’s not an arranged marriage, Tsugiko won’t hate him this much. Hosokawa-sama 🥺

He looks smart and educated and classy, but he does look a bit annoying and tend to talk too much though hahaha.

There you go, Mitsuko-chan. LOL. Well said.

The episode ends with the explosion at the blast furnace construction site, this is actually my least favorite scene from the whole drama… (at least in the 2007 one). I don’t like the despair… the frustrating feeling that just when things look a bit better for Teppei, he has misfortunes happening to him one after another… I don’t know, I haven’t watched episode 9, but I think I will need time to sub it. I hope it’s not as devastating as I expected it to be 😢


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  1. Thank you so much for the eight episode – much appreciated ^-^.

  2. Thank you for all of your hard work!!

  3. Thank you very much for episode 8. Otsukaresamadeshita.

  4. Thank you for your hardwork…

  5. Thanks so much!

  6. Thank you so much as always!

  7. Thank you so much for the eight episode

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