Kareinaru Ichizoku 2021 #7

Gosh this episode was so difficult to sub!

The episode is mostly about the bank and finance thingy, it is very intriguing yet complex at the same time.

Daisuke’s ambition for the alliance and merger is getting more complicated as there are more banks in the picture now. Akutagawa proves to be one of the most prominent characters here, as he’s been doing lots of important jobs liaising with the government officials. I think it’s related to the fact that he stays in Tokyo where the government is. That’s why he is a very key role here.

Is it just me but I didn’t really remember Akutagawa from the 2007 version? 🤔 I mean, if he is such an important character here, am I that forgetful? 🤔

On the Manpyo family side, the focus in this episode is now Tsugiko’s marriage. Stubborn and rebellious Tsugiko is very much against the matchmaking with Hosokawa, but Daisuke and Aiko keep pressuring her to make the marriage happen.

Hanshin Special Steel is still struggling post the export cancellation from their American client, and it’s not helping that they’re now having problems with their domestic client too.

This episode is a very tricky one, as we see how Daisuke and Akutagawa make their maneuvers to manipulate the government officials.

Translation notes:

  • Toratora: is a traditional Japanese rock-paper-scissors drinking game for 2 people, usually played by geisha and their customers. 
    Reference Japanese, English

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First thing first, before I flail much further, can I make one honest confession? I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT HERE.

This is a dialog when Hanshin Bank was audited and apparently the inspector suspected something about their loan transactions. Fortunately this dialog has no correlation to the story and is only intended to show how righteous and sharp this assistant inspector is. But still… I spent hours trying to look this thing up AND STILL CLUELESS. I gave up when I didn’t even find the slightest clue on what they might be talking about. What the hell is Category 3? Which categorization are they talking about? Why is Category 2 better than Category 3??? In the end, I only translated it based on the dialog (without any understanding at all, sorry). But I promise, this is the only thing I don’t understand in this episode. I’m confident the others are correct (hopefully) 👌


Did you see how lovely the still photo for this episode in this post??? 😍

Well I kind of hate that this drama seems to have some kind of a bluish filter or something that the overall mood feels cold, when it’s actually bright and beautiful like the still picture!

I was fooled by this first scene. Daisuke and Ginpei sailing under the bright blue sky, looking all gorgeous and refreshing, but too bad it only last for a couple of minutes before Ginpei went away and they started the bank talks again LOL.

GOSH GINPEI SMILED!!! OMG he looks so good when he smiles!! (Of course!) Why doesn’t he smile more often orzz… Even Daisuke can see that he’s so happy. He should ride yacht more often, then we can see his smiling face hahaha.

But of course, Daisuke had to start saying something that made Ginpei go back to his gloomy face 😢 The smile was short-lived, but it was worth it!!

But one thing about this drama. All the scenes were shot so beautifully, that no matter where you pause it, the scene always turns out so picturesque. Like this. I’m just taking random shots of Ginpei but see how pretty they turned to be! (Well, the object also matters though LOL)

Not long after the very refreshing and picturesque scene, we get this lovely Tsugiko and Yoshihiko scene. At first I thought, wow, they’re so nice this episode, giving me easier job LOL. Turns out I’m wrong! The sweet things end here and it’ll be torture until the end! LOL.

These two are so sweet and innocent, Honoka-chan was not exaggerating when she said that Tsugiko and Yoshihiko’s scenes are the only soothing scenes in this drama. Tsugiko looks so happy… she sure likes Yoshihiko!

Yoshihiko is so pure, this is so funny. I love Kudo Asuka’s version of Yoshihiko and Matsumoto Honoka’s version of Tsugiko!!! They’re both so sweet… 🥺 🥺 🥺

But uh oh… after the pleasant night, look what awaits Tsugiko at home. Pissed off Aiko! 😱 Instantly ruining the mood of the girl in love…

The next day (or some days later?) Tsugiko shows up at Teppei’s office. That’s rare, is she there to see Yoshihiko? But they don’t meet in the end.

Uh oh now I know why!!! Because apparently Hosokawa-sama made an appointment to visit them! He happens to be in Kobe, and while he’s at it, he pays a visit to Manpyo residence! HOSOKAWA-SAMA!!!

I don’t know what other people think, but I personally don’t hate Hosokawa and I think he’s purely a victim in here. He loves the girl, he’s happy for the matchmaking, but the girl loves someone else and is avoiding him. Poor Hosokawa-sama. Regardless the very high-spec bachelor he is, he gets rejected, aww… I don’t know what will happen next episode but based on the tweets that I read, episode 8 seems to be Hosokawa’s last episode? Aww poor Hosokawa-sama…

I may be crazy, but when I look at his disappointed shoulder from the back like this… dispirited because he couldn’t see the girl he’s been longing to see, I feel like AARRRGGGHH POOR YOU!!! And he’s such a refined and respectable young man, well-mannered and elegant, and the way he talks is so graceful, his choice of words and everything. And Tsugiko doesn’t like him just because he’s the man whom Daisuke and Aiko introduced to her! If she’s willing to learn even a little about him, and they meet under different circumstances, I wonder if she will change her opinion and soften a bit? I guess we’ll never know though hahahaa. I just think too much because it’s too painful for him.

Now the angry Aiko comes to Teppei’s house. Scary!

Gosh Sanae is so graceful, I like her so much. The way she speaks and her voice tone, everything about her is gentle and graceful!!!

See how picturesque the camera works here? I just took random shots and see how they look hahaha. Makes me want to screenshot so many frames 🤣

This is the first time I ever see Teppei’s house and oh boy how pretty it is inside! It’s a warm small house, and the interior is also very cute! Those cactuses 🤭 The art department of this drama is seriously no joke. The details of their work!!! 🤩

Riho-chan finally shows up!!! Makiko!!! Gosh she’s so pretty… 🥺

I totally forgot there’s this scene hahaha I thought Ginpei is not coming out again LOL. No wonder I forget about it, this scene is too cruel, poor Makiko 😭 Look how her once happy face turns sour 😢 I feel like I want to slap Ginpei… Ginpei wake up!! Don’t be that cruel, will you 😢 Show that smile you showed earlier at the yacht please 😢

Okay finished!!!

See you episode 8!!!

I think I may be able to catch up with the sub before episode 9 airs next Sunday!!! Wish me luck!!! 🤞


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  1. Thank you so much for EP 07 – much appreciated ^-^.

  2. Thank you so much for episode 7. Otsukaresamadeshita.

  3. Thankyou so much!^^

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  5. Thank you for the subtitle!
    Could you please tell me where can I get the raw file? T T

    1. This doesn’t need a raw file

      1. I know!
        I just asking you where could I find it or could you please share the raw file.
        I want to try making sub in my language.

      2. I will not upload the raw or give you links, but you can find it on the usual places that upload jdramas.

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