Kareinaru Ichizoku 2021 #6

Episode 6 is done!

This story is getting more and more intense, as the relationship between Daisuke and Teppei also worsened.

The most shocking thing when I watched this episode is… Wow I can understand the whole dialog clearly! I was so amazed because this is the first episode I can understand everything clearly hahaha. I wonder if it’s because I’m already familiar with all the terms from previous episodes? I do hope it’s going to stay this way, so it’ll be easier for me to sub 😝

The episode starts with the New Year’s Eve in Shima Kanko Hotel, the place Manpyo family always spends their New Year. And following after is pheasant hunting on New Year’s Day, where an incident happens and worsens Daisuke-Teppei relationship.

On Teppei and Hanshin Special Steel side, they are still facing a serious issue with American Bearing, which can potentially be a much bigger problem than what they already experience.

While on Hanshin Bank side, there is a bigger movement by the Banking Bureau that will change the fate of city banks in Japan as a whole.

Meanwhile, Aiko and Mima finally made a move to introduce Tsugiko to the groom candidate, which is Hosokawa. (I’m trying to stay calm while typing this when in fact I wanted to type all caps oops LOL)

The drama is on break this week, as episode 9 will only air starting 6/20, so I hope I can catch up with subbing!

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Is it okay now? Can I shout now? Please???

HOSOKAWA IS HERE OMG HOSOKAWA KAZUYA IS HERE GYAAAAAA!!!!!!! Okay he only had one scene and probably a couple of lines, but HOSOKAWA IS HERE. Sorry for the fuss LOL.

You know, the moment they showed up, from that upward angle… ASFEGESFDGGDH I already panicked like OMG HOSOKAWA IS HERE. Look at that it’s himmmmm!!!

Damn he looks like such a nerd hahaha. Sasuga elite professional with outstanding academic background and promising career.

And… he indeed only had a couple of lines. But man that greeting. Of all the words, he used お見知りおきを. I was like. Okay I was gonna translate it just the normal “Pleased to meet you”, like what they all said. But I was just curious on what it really meant. AND DUDE, IT IS A VERY POLITE PHRASE THAT PEOPLE SAY ON A FIRST MEETING. The literal meaning is please remember my face or something like that, and is normally used in a very formal situation, to someone you respect or higher status than you.

Well call me exaggerating, but I have never encountered this phrase at all. I know, my subbing history hasn’t been that long and I don’t have the most impressive portfolio, but at least, this phrase never came out in the first 5 episodes of this drama, despite the very formal language they always use. So I was like, woohoooo HOSOKAWA KAZUYA YOU ROCK. LOL.

Here you go, enjoy every millisecond of Hosokawa and his ‘omishirioki wo’ (AND with that voice. Dead.) A new phrase to learn hahaha.

But you know, I’ve been reading some people saying Hosokawa is creepy etc, the way he looks at Tsugiko is creepy and disgusting and all, but for me… I don’t know, maybe I interpret it wrong, I only see… a man falling in love at the first sight… Maybe he’s infatuated with Tsugiko’s beauty, but he has it in his eyes. He is in love!

See? This man is in love!!! Gochisousama deshita!!! Hahaha.

And God, how proud I am when I saw his name up on the credit!!! Gyaaaaa Miyataaaaaa 💜 💜 💜

Sorry, where were we before I got engrossed in talking about Hosokawa? LOL.

There’s this scene that I like very much. It’s the moment when the New Year’s bell rings, and each of the family members welcome the new year, each in their own thought. And they’re all so picturesque I can’t help not to take screenshots!

And then the first hunting scene! Oh the men in Manpyo family are indeed graceful, even when they show up, they ooze out such glamorous aura!

And speaking of Manpyo men, Teppei and Ginpei! I love caring Ginpei! I love these brothers! Ginpei always turns into this caring and kind ototo when he’s with Teppei, I really hope he shows this side more often…

Oh and now it reminds me of Ginpei and Akiko! Oh well, that was short? I was expecting a longer scene than that hahaha.

They’ve been teasing us with this shot, I thought they had quite a history lol. But can I say something?

Is this Fujigaya Taisuke posing for Myojo? LOL. 🙈 🙈 🙈

No, but seriously… Ginpei smiled??? He SMILED…!?!?!? That cold-blooded merciless Ginpei? Smiled? Wow this girl must have been very special for him!

Now I’m very curious on how things will turn out later with Ginpei. Akiko won’t only show up for an episode and such a short scene, right? She might pose some threat for Makiko? Or will she show up again so Ginpei can forget her and move on? Or maybe in the first place, the thing that made Ginpei sour is not Akiko, but the fact that he is a Manpyo. I don’t know, I’m just guessing, I haven’t watched the next episodes lol.

As for Daisuke and Teppei, I can sense that Daisuke starts to show that he doesn’t like Teppei more and more, and Teppei begins to question if they’re really father and son. I somehow like the way WOWOW brings this issue up. They didn’t show it very extreme, but little by little, Daisuke is being more and more sensitive towards Teppei and his grandfather.

And then this triggered Yasuko to remember about the past, and so did Daisuke later on. I like it that they didn’t show this scene since the very beginning of the drama, but inserted it in the middle, just as things between Daisuke and Teppei get heated up.

Damn this scene and that expression of Yasuko really gives me goosebumps. She really looks like she’s terrified of Daisuke!

But what really surprised me is this scene of Teppei. This scene of Teppei was not there in 2007 version. Teppei was portrayed as a righteous and honest young man, without any flaws or faults. But this scene in this WOWOW version shows that Teppei is also human, he has anger too that can tempt him into committing a sinful action. Well, we can guess from the talks that he likes to visit this restaurant/ryokan and they like to provide him some girls… but we never really get to see this beastly side of him!

Ouch, Teppei… 😢 This is such a painful way of finding out… but now I’m wondering if he’s really the grandfather’s son, since everything has been kind of different from the 2007 version. It’s going to be very twisted if he’s really the grandfather’s son though 😱

At the end of this episode, here comes Teppei and the start of his hellish life… 😢 Teppei, stay strong please… I don’t understand this domestic general loan and I tried to look it up and still didn’t find any satisfying explanation so I just translated it word by word like that, but if anyone knows what it actually is (and if that someone reads up to this part LOL), do let me know!

Daisuke is being merciless even to his own son!!! Or maybe exactly because it’s Teppei that he’s this cruel? But it’s true that he needs to take care of his bank too… argghhh this is complicated!

Let’s watch episode 7 now!!! 🤩 🤩 🤩


6 responses to “Kareinaru Ichizoku 2021 #6”

  1. Thank you for no. 6 – much appreciated ^-^.

  2. You are an angel. Thank you for subbing this drama!

  3. Thank you so much for episode 6.

  4. Hi! Thankyou so much for your hardwork! Agree on your statement above, I love how wowow took different approach on showing how daisuke doesn’t like teppei in smooth way. And I really love how wowow put so many technical vocabularies from economic side and made me so exited to follow this drama! Hehe. Anyway thankyou so much for subbing this! Ah, and stay healthy and don’t forget to sleep! Since sometimes I got your notifications at dawn, hehe. Thankyou!^^

  5. Thank you so much!

  6. Thank you so much for episode 6

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