Kareinaru Ichizoku 2021 #2

Sorry that the sub for this episode had to drag until ep 3 has aired, but here it is finally!

Wow, can’t believe it’s only 2 episodes so far, the story is so intense! I can’t imagine how complex and detailed the story would be in the following 10 episodes!

Well, I’ve watched the 3rd episode so in a way I kind of cheated my way LOL.

Hope you enjoyed the first episode and will enjoy this episode too!

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(1920×1080 / 00:54:29 / 1.71 GB)


(1280×720 / 00:54:29 / 1.01 GB)

This second episode is also very good! With Ginpei showing up since the first scenes I was hardly holding my breath LOL. I thought he would have many scenes but apparently he’s only there on the first half 🙈

One thing I notice about this drama… is that THE PICTURES ARE SO BEAUTIFUL! Kudos to the cinematography team!!! I mean, with gorgeous scenes like these I can’t help to take screenshots???

Ginpei is still as sarcastic as the first episode, with that cold appearance outside but we can tell that he actually loves his family. But those facial expressions… gosh I get goosebumps looking at his eyes.

The director really knows where to shot Fujigaya??? LOL. I noticed there’s a closeup shot of his lips again in ep 3, I was like… hey director-san, thank you very much gochisousama deshita!! LOL.

He’s so cold he gives me shivers!!! 🥶🥶🥶 And that wiping lips after a kiss gesture was the one Miyata said he loved so much! Damn that Miyata, giving spoilers when he should not. LOL.

But I kind of love that scene of him and Hayami. I didn’t know they were peers! Of course, the 2007 version didn’t tell a lot about Ginpei so I practically know almost nothing about him. But it’s very nice to find another side of him like this 🥰

Ginpei’s feelings towards his family… or should I say more directed towards his mother? Gaya did a great job portraying this complicated feeling!


10 responses to “Kareinaru Ichizoku 2021 #2”

  1. Thankyou so much! Hehe. And agree with you, the 2007 version didn’t tell us much about about Ginpei so I’m so thankful, we can see this splendid family from another point of view. Anyway thankyou so much for your hardwork!^^

  2. Thank you for your comment and I hope you’ll enjoy this episode too!

  3. Thank you so much!

  4. Thank you so much for episode 2. Otsukaresamadeshita. Keep safe.

    thank you for the screenshots :’)
    also the subbed vid!!!

  6. Thank you for the second episode – much appreciated.

  7. Thanks so much! The story is super intense, and I’ve only watched the first ep so far, can’t wait to see what happens next~

  8. Thank you so much for episode 2

  9. Thanks so much for subbing and sharing! I really enjoyed this episode (especially the Gaya-heavy first half!) and am again blown away by how well-done this series is. The story is compelling and I can’t wait to see what happens next! (Though I cheated and watched Ep3 raw, too!)

  10. Thank u so much!

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