Kareinaru Ichizoku 2021 #1

It’s done! The first episode! OMG!!! It’s done!!!

This is such an exaggeration LOL. But I do feel like screaming like crazy. IT’S DONE! Yeah but only the first episode 🙈 There’s like… 11 episodes to go LOL.

There are so many technical terms here, be it the financial terms and the engineering ones, so I did quite a number of research into these LOL. Guess what, I quite enjoyed learning these new things though.

Anyway as usual, I will be providing 2 resolutions of the hardsubbed video, I don’t provide softsubs so please don’t ask 😁

I hope I did okay on the translation and I hope you’ll enjoy it too!

Download links

Full HD

(1920×1080 / 00:56:50 / 1.96 GB)


(1280×720 / 00:56:50 / 1.06 GB)

My impression on the first episode… THIS IS SO DAMN GOOD! After watching the first episode raw, even though I only grasped like 50% of the whole dialog, I was left speechless like… I was in such an awe that my mind went blank for several hours afterwards 😶 This is THAT GOOD.

Well if I have to describe what’s striking about it… can I say EVERYTHING? I mean, this first episode is all about introduction. Introduction of the roles, their personality and point-of-view, their background, and the introduction of the conflict and the reason of their possible actions in the future. It’s like. WOW. I know, when I watch it I can’t help comparing it to the 2007 one, but I tried to see it from a whole new perspective. After all, they’re taking a different point-of-view, and I think they emphasize on different things. They’re incomparable. I don’t know which one is truer to the novel though.

But I think all the actors did their job very well! This drama is so much lively and human, despite having only one episode so far, of course, most of the casts here are veteran, their acting skills are also not a joke. (Still, I can’t help being awed that 2 of our members are here).

I subbed this for the love of Fujigaya Taisuke, and I’m so thankful to him to be in this drama, otherwise I won’t have a chance to encounter such a wonderful work!

Now that I have subbed the first episode and understand the story 100%, I’m like, damn what I thought I understood when watching raw was like only 50% correct LOL. It’s so much deeper than my shallow skill www. Glad I got the chance to understand everything.

Can I share the lines that took me SO LONG to translate?? You know how Japanese words are sometimes vague and have lots of meaning that you have to “interpret” which meaning they use? Or when you tried to find the meaning in the dictionary, it doesn’t make sense at all that you have to try to grasp the meaning by each letter and try to find the correct English term for it? Well, it happened with these 4 lines. Can I call them the 4 lines of hell? LOL. (I’ve posted the same on Twitter, I just want to do it here for an archive LOL)

Especially that bill payable thingy. I’m not that familiar with finance terms so I have to look everything up, but dictionary translate the Japanese word as “note payable” and after I look it up, it doesn’t seem to fit the whole sentence. So there are 3 possible meanings of that sentence:

  • Taihei wants to borrow an additional 200 million yen from Hanshin Bank (I think this is the least possible)
  • Taihei has a loan that is due on the 20th, and wants to extend the payment (in the end I went with this route)
  • Taihei has been granted a loan from Hanshin Bank in the form of a check that is scheduled to be cashed out on the 20th, but he wants to expedite the cashing out (tried to find a reference from Chisub and this is how they translated it)

Based on the dialog and the gesture of Taihei, I assume it’s the no 2, because based on my research, a business owner can issue a note payable to a bank or any entity as an agreement of loan, or it can also act as a request to extend payment. So I assume the letter that Taihei is presenting Ginpei is this note payable thing, asking for a payment extension. Hope I got it correctly LOL.

Oh and don’t get me started on that Letter of Consent. On the dictionary, the Japanese word 誓約書 is translated as written oath, covenant, pledge. Like, are you kidding? How am I supposed to incorporate it into a letter? Tried Letter of Oath or Covenant Letter but again, the meaning is wrong. Anyway, it’s mostly a lacking in my English skill, but the closest meaning I can think of is Letter of Consent, and I think I’m quite happy with this translation LOL.

I have a tendency to talk a lot in my blog huh LOL. Anyway I want to talk about GINPEI now!!! Hahaha OMG Fujigaya Taisuke I’m so proud of him!!! I LOVE his Ginpei so much!!! On the interview with Miyata on WOWOW website, Gaya said the Ginpei here is portrayed to love his brother and admire him so much, thus the drastic change of expressions the moment Teppei showed up. I don’t know, this part really touched my heart! How Ginpei, the cold-blooded guy who always speaks sarcasm whenever he says anything, suddenly turns into this pure and loving young brother when he sees his oniichan. OMG isn’t that lovely 🥰 And it makes me look forward even more to the development of the story!

Now compare THAT look above ⬆️, with THIS look below ⬇️ 🥰

And GAAAHHHH I found that Ginpei loves sarcasm!!! And me likey so much!!! 😍😍😍

Last, I just want to point out how I love these brothers so much! Their relationship gives a very warm feeling that gentle out the heavy mood of the drama! 😍

See you next episode! Finally I can take a rest for several days before the second episode airs www


18 responses to “Kareinaru Ichizoku 2021 #1”

  1. Thankyou so much for your hardwork! I watched the raw version and didn’t get anything they say except the new year greetings hehe. I can’t thank you enough vecause I really like this kind of genre compared to any other genre. And I really love the cinematography too. Anyway, thankyou so much for subbing this drama!^^

    1. Yes it’s indeed very difficult, I can imagine it’s very hard to understand a thing raw… I hope you like it more with the sub! 🙂

  2. Thanks a lot! This looks interesting

  3. Thank you so much! tbh I watched the 2007 version only recently so it’s pretty fresh on my mind. I must say it’s so weird to me how little of Teppei we saw until now hehe
    Like I think everything is going the same but it’s like…now it’s dawning on me that the other family members were totally in the dark about Teppei!! Also Daisuke looks like an usual bad dad and not like in 2007’s Terrible Dad Behaviours
    Anyways, thank you again for your hard work! This has such a turn to the 1st series and I really hope it gives us more of the story

    1. Agree that it’s kind of strange to see how little Teppei’s part here, as the focus is on Daisuke.
      But I think on the 2007 version they took Teppei’s perspective and Daisuke was the antagonist, so it’s kind of understandable that in this version, they toned down Daisuke’s evilness because he’s the protagonist now? Idk though it’s just my guess hahaha
      Again, I don’t read the novel so I don’t know which interpretation is truer to the novel.
      I have high expectations on the upcoming episodes too, especially they reveal more story about the other family members.

  4. thank you! I also couldn’t help but compare to the 2007 version when I watched it raw but I can see how it’s going to be different from the tbs one already. and 55 mins for each ep, 12 total, excited to see how what they cover more and when miyata’s character comes out!!

    1. I think from the first episode is quite different already, overall story and plot may be similar but the way they take the perspective is the most distinguishing factor!
      Miyata character seems to be quite an important one too, although he may only have few scenes, but I can’t wait for it too!

  5. Thank you so much for episode 1. I can watch with subs now honto ni arigatai desu.. Otsukaresamadeshita.

    1. Hope you enjoy it 🙂

  6. Thank you so much for your hard work. It is such a treat to be able to get what is going on! Thank you.

  7. You’re amazing, Flow :’) thank you so much :’)

  8. Thank you for your hard work!

  9. Thanks so much for all your great work in subbing this! This series has definitely started off strongly — the gorgeous cinematography, lavish sets, lux, retro costumes, interesting family dynamics, particularly the lovely Ginpei-Teppei chemistry, all made this a really enjoyable episode. Am loving Ginpei so far (handsome Gaya in tailored retro suits and slicked back hair, sigh…) and can’t wait to meet Miyacchi’s character!

    1. I totally agree with every point you made! You wrapped up exactly what’s inside my head beautifully!
      The first episode sure started off very impactful, but Ginpei is getting more and more lovely each episode!

  10. Just watched the first episode, and am in awe of how much WORK you did translating this, so much dialog with tech-heavy information, bank procedures, etc.

    Very much appreciated, this seems so far to be a VERY intriguing drama!

  11. Thank you so much, Flow!

  12. thank you so much !!!!!!!!!!

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