Kareinaru Ichizoku Complete Guide

OMG I still can’t believe I’m doing this 😅 Like, seriously? But in the midst of worrying and contemplating and deciding and retracting, I kept working line by line and I can’t believe I actually finished it 😱

Gosh it takes me DAYS to finish this 24mins long complete guide, with only 300+ lines. Can you believe it? If I am so much concentrating, I can get like 30 lines per hour. That’s like… 1/3 my usual subbing speed 😅 It drained so much of my brain cells that I can’t get so many lines done in a day. And yet, I still challenge myself to sub the drama. Hahaha I sound like a reckless idiot.

Anyway as I mentioned before. I NEED to understand this drama. So I’m taking this project mostly for myself. However if you spot some mistakes, feel free to let me know as I’m very open to feedback.

So here’s the complete guide, I’m kind of glad I subbed this as a trial before subbing the real drama, because this complete guide tells so many things, it makes me understand the drama and the characters more. They may have different interpretations from the 2007 drama, I don’t know, but from the interview, I can tell that the actors/actresses really dig deep in understanding their roles. And I can’t wait to see the actual drama.



You can judge my English skill by this file. It’s far from perfect. So expect the subbing style of the drama will be similar to this. If you don’t find it fits you, I suggest you don’t watch the drama that I will sub.


9 responses to “Kareinaru Ichizoku Complete Guide”

  1. Thank you thank you thank you so much for deciding to do this project!
    I guess this is a complicated drama so I hope you gain so much and have fun while doing this =’)

    1. I hope i won’t disappoint 🙈

  2. No worries, nothing wrong with your English. Look forward to it. Thanks.

    1. Thank you for your encouragement 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for picking up this project, appreciated much.

  4. Thank you!

  5. Thank you so much for subbing and sharing this guide and for taking on this series!

    1. You’re welcome and I hope I can deliver well!

  6. Thank you thank you thank you so much

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