Oh! My Boss! Koi wa Bessatsu de (Boss Koi) #9

Episode 9!!! Woaaaghhhh one more episode to go!!! I have so much mixed feelings about this episode I don’t know where to start!

First of all, one more episode left. On one side, I’m happy because I won’t have to feel the pressure to sub a drama every Wednesday anymore and I can get my good night sleep again soon. But on the other side, of course I’m sad this drama is ending! What a quick 3 months!!! Ever since we’re so excited when the rumors of this drama surfaced sometime in mid Oct, then finally announcement on end Nov… time flies so fast!!! And I don’t know when Tama will get another acting job again… don’t tell me we have to wait for another 2 years like it’s been so far 😭

I’m going to just post the link now so I can just talk without any restraints on the spoiler section LOL.

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OMG what’s wrong with this episode!?!?! Well I kind of already guessed they will separate like this, and I’ve seen fans speculating about it as well, considering the hints they’ve been spreading here and there since the previous episodes. But when it’s really happening… WTF!

My emotion was really a rollercoaster watching this episode. When I first watched real time I was like oh my this is so sad, their expression so painful etc. Then after the episode aired and I got time to think, suddenly I felt this rage inside me, and I ended up ranting so much on Twitter, complaining about the injustice Junnosuke received πŸ˜… Well… I am still a little angry about it, but now that I’ve calmed down, and going through subbing and re-watching it once again for QC… damn why I felt my eyes are hot!?!?!? I saw people are crying on Twitter but honestly I felt perfectly fine, but why I suddenly feel hurt now? 😭 I know, because I can’t stand Junnosuke’s tears at all 😒

I’m just gonna quote some of my ranting on Twitter, because I don’t feel that way anymore so it’ll be nice to read what I felt last night LOL. Posting them in sequence.

Now that I read them again, wow, I was quite emotionally unstable last night, wasn’t I? LOL.

I kind of already guessed it will turn like this. The official Twitter post and Instagram post and even LINE messages, all indicated this episode will be teary. Even Tama also said it will be a sad episode. But maybe… is it because they already hinted so much, that I kind of expected a sadder situation? Well I’m not saying it’s not sad, it breaks my heart seeing Junnosuke’s expression, but anyway, I was expecting something sadder LOL. Oh well, I am kind of heartless πŸ˜…

But I think they want to make it more dramatic for the last episode. So the happy ending will feel happier? I’m still curious about Rio though. If Junnosuke accompanies her now that he’s broken up with Nami, hmm hmm hmm… I don’t want to speculate and I don’t want to get my hopes up, but I really wish Rio can be happy too. And call me biased, but looking at the teaser for next episode, Reiko saying something like she wants Junnosuke to use it for himself (I don’t understand the context though), will neechan finally comes to her brother’s rescue?? Will Junnosuke still end up being shacho of Horai Seishi? But I think they will make it a happy ending for Junnosuke and Nami. I just wonder how they will do it.

Okay enough chit chat and onto screenshots lol. I forgot to run a spell checker on my subbed file, I just ran it when I already finished encoding zzz and now I’m re-encoding again zzz I’m so stupid. πŸ˜‘

This part!! This part!!! The change on his face!!! He looked so happy to find his photo on the pamphlet, but that man just had to trample on his small joy 😭 Looking at his face hurts me!!! 😭

Poor Junnosuke… this is so sad… imagine being him. He’s on a totally different field now, with his father company and everything. They don’t show details of his job there but I’m not sure the employees are cheering instantly for his assignment (probably there are some old executives who feel threatened by this inexperienced president’s son?? – if this was a work drama there would be so many conflicts here). He called Nami just a while ago to help ease his anxiousness, he finally saw something his previous work and about to feel proud of it, only to have his last pride smashed to the ground 😭😭😭

And the part with Rio. The change in her expression. The first “souka” and the second “souka”. Just got me so much 😭 And Jun’s soft expression when he’s with Rio, I love it so much too! The different softness and gentleness he showed to Nami… but you can tell he really cares about her… anyone get what I’m talking about??

This hot pot scene, aside of making me want to have hot pot now, lol, it also shows how kind Junnosuke is! He really needs to be protected!! But the way he asked, who can say no to that? πŸ™ˆ If it were me, I would say yes to anything he asked me LOL. Besides, he’ll give me that cute arigatou at the end right??? Nothing to lose at all!! LOL

Hilarious and absurd shirokuro Jun scene www. But I say he changed his characters well though lol. And I can tell the staff had enjoyed playing with Tama to the max like this πŸ™ˆ

Nothing to say in particular, I just find this scene very cute. I just wonder they’re brushing their teeth without toothpaste…? πŸ€”

From this point on. Will just be a spam of Junnosuke’s conflicted expression when he learned bit by bit how Nami started to love her job… It actually hurts me so much that he’s been looking at her so much, but she never looked at him. Despite her request for him to only look at her, but she doesn’t do that in return. It’s soooooo painnnfuuullllll arrggghhhh!!! 😭😭😭

And yet, he’s trying to hide that pain and smile when Nami showed up. The gap before and after Nami called him. πŸ˜”

The scene afterwards… πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί Can I distract it with the 4 million yen diamond ring and the advertisement-like shots??? 🀣🀣🀣 GOSH isn’t his hand beautiful 😭😭😭

Woops I just scrolled up and realized how long has this post been!!! Blame the double encoding that I got too much free time today πŸ™„ Okay it won’t be long. Just some last screenshots of the painful expression πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί

And this smile is the most painful smile of all 😭😭😭

Junnosukeeeee 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 It hurtss aaaaa how can I survive a week with this uneasiness… howw?? I know, I’ll just rewatch other things, and not touch Boss Koi at all LOL.

Oh wow the uploading is almost finished. Okay I’m signing off then!!! Sorry for the long ramble! πŸ‘‹πŸ»


15 responses to “Oh! My Boss! Koi wa Bessatsu de (Boss Koi) #9”

  1. I totally agree with all what you said above including your ranting on twitter! Like no one consider his feelings and what he wants. And instead of finding ways to make the relationship works, Nami just return the ring and went away? Like seriously?! They give us the mother of all conflict that the characters can have at the second last episode. Jun’s expressions are really hurtful to watch. Can’t wait for the last episode to see them get their happy ending .
    Anyway, thanks for subbing this so fast! You’re the best!

  2. Thank you so much for the ninth episode – much appreciated ^-^.

  3. OMG. What just happened? Poor Jun-san, let me hug you instead. Huhu

    Thank you for the sub.

  4. Thank you for your hard work! I really enjoy this show!!! Thanks again!!! πŸ™‚

  5. Jun-san, come to me!!! I’ll love you and treat you well!!! I won’t leave you like those women!

    I’m so sad for him. I hope last episode will end well. He deserves to be happy.

    Thanks for the subtitles!

  6. Thank you so much for episode 9!!

  7. Thank you so much for episode 9. Otsukaresama.

  8. thank you so much for another awesome work!! i just finished watching this episode and whyyyyyyy i cant believe Junnosuke was left 2 times by his girlfriends (even now Nami as his fiance) because of their dreams. i cant stand him being in tears T.T i can imagine he’s being so bitter about dreams now :(( but he’s too yasashii so he won’t hate anybody. T.T and whats with the ending with nakazawa aaaaa i feel so sad for him too..
    I totally understand that different gentleness Jun-chan gives to Rio and Nami. I’d also be totally fall for him if I were Rio. no wonder she cant seem to move on.
    and why cant they move the Horai Paper HQ to Tokyo. T.T i cant believe next week would be the last episode.. i still cant get enough of Tama..
    anyway like you said i just followed your twitter, so that i dont need to refresh this site whole day. LOL

  9. Thank you so much!!!

  10. Thanks again for another great episode. I have to say I had the exact opposite take on this than you did. I think Junnosuke has figured out she loves her job, but he still asked her to quit and join him. He loves her and I don’t think he is ‘bad’ for doing so. Difficult situation to be in.

  11. Thank you so much πŸ™‚

  12. thank you so much flow! :DD

  13. Yay, thank you! Lots of cute moments (like ShiroKuro Jun!) to help balance the sad ones…but the sad moments still come out ahead, sigh. Hope the finale will resolve things satisfactorily and give these beloved characters (esp. Jun and Reiko) some much-deserved happiness.

  14. thank you very much for ep 9!

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