Dekkee Furoba de Mattemasu (DK Furoba) #2

Oh gosh I finally finished this episode πŸ˜… Sorry for the long wait!

Honestly speaking, I’m not that confident with this episode as I couldn’t catch some of the sentences (mostly are their reaction though, so it doesn’t really affect the overall story), and they mumbled too many tsukkomis, I had to max my volume because they didn’t say it very clearly 😭 (as expected of a script written by geinin). On the scale of 1%-100%, I think the accuracy of this episode is around 75%? (Compared to first episode which I think was 95%). So if you spot some mistakes in my translation, please help let me know so I can make the changes! 😁

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Oh! My Boss! Koi wa Bessatsu de (Boss Koi) #4

OMG This episode!! Are they trying to kill us??? Are they not enough happy to make us hyperventilate the past few episodes…?? And yet this episode….!!! 🀯 I know I always says I’m speechless after every episode and it’s clichΓ© already, BUT I REALLY AM SPEECHLESS!!! 😢

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