Kaikan Install Episode 04 (END)

Sorry for the long wait, the last episode was aired at 23:30 JST and there was Christmas and everything that I didn’t really get a chance to sub it until now ^^; Here’s the last episode of Kaikan Install!

The last episode is 23 mins long! Yet it’s finished in the blink of an eye! Wow what an episode!

I can’t say anything that won’t be a spoiler, so I won’t say much www.

The point is, I really love this drama! It’s a very pure, bittersweet puppy love drama, and thumbs up for both Mitsu and Nika on acting Kazuma and Taka. Especially Nika, since Taka was very cute and pure! I can feel his painful feelings 😦

Well, this drama has ended, which I’m sure dTV is supposedly already planning for the next drama (with which members???). But it just surprised me that they didn’t announce anything. Oh well, let’s just wait 🙂 I guess the Connexxion trio’s fans have been dying to wait for the next drama though XD

Thank you for watching until the end, I hope I’ll see you again on my next project (Boss Koi!!! Gyaaaahhhh 😍)

Theme song: “Motetaize Tonight”
Lyrics translations credit to Ohitashi at LJ.

Please do not reupload and redistribute without permission, ESPECIALLY to those streaming sites

As what has been informed from the first episode, if you would like to watch the English subbed, please kindly fill this form https://bit.ly/kaikan2020

Please support and subscribe to dTV, if you can!


2 responses to “Kaikan Install Episode 04 (END)”

  1. Thank you for subbing this drama. It was so short! I didn’t know what to expect but it was really funny 😄

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