Kaikan Install Episode 03

OMG this was such a cute episode!

I didn’t expect it to be this cute! I mean, Nika did say that he loved the aquarium date scene the most, but HE DIDN’T MENTION IT WOULD BE THIS CUTE!!!

I can’t stop my heart from beating so fast the whole episode, I kept thinking like WTF am I a high school girl or what to be blushed over something like this. But Taka is THAT pure! Oh my, Nika was so cute and Kazuma was so funny LOL.

Their expressions in this episode were too precious, I would have screencapped so many frames if I didn’t remember I was subbing, and that it’s getting late and I’m getting sleepy LOL.

So let me just post some frames that I have screencapped (because I just couldn’t stand not to!!!) Hahaha.

I love Mitsu’s expressions here the most. LOL. The third wheel! The matchmaker! He’s like all in one LOL (Okay and I ended up re-doing all the screencaps XD)

And I really love them mouthing “Thank you” and “You’re welcome” here. This is sooo cuteee!!! >_<

Okay I shouldn’t spoil anything, but I came across a scene where I think people really misjudged this drama from the super misleading trailer (I’m blaming you dTV for this though XD). Taka is so pure. This drama is so pure 😦 There’s nothing about gender exploitation or anything. Pardon me if I have ever felt awkward about it, but now I can say proudly. Watch the drama before you comment!

The whole aquarium date scene was so sweet, I just died several times seeing Nika there. I mean he’s supposed to be Taka, the inexperienced virgin guy, but I can still see the manly Nikaido and it really kills me, I swear. Especially here! (And yeah, I know I’m screencapping again XD)

I seriously wonder if Nika-tans will survive though. Well, even a Tama-tan can barely hold herself here XD

Okay enough for the screencaps LOL here’s the file.

Theme song: â€œMotetaize Tonight”
Lyrics translations credit to Ohitashi at LJ.

Please do not reupload and redistribute without permission, ESPECIALLY to those streaming sites

As what has been informed from the first episode, if you would like to watch the English subbed, please kindly fill this form https://bit.ly/kaikan2020

Please support and subscribe to dTV, if you can!


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