Kaikan Install Episode 02

Here’s the 2nd episode!

I can start to see the “friendship” that Mitsu and Nika talked about! Hmm, I sensed there must be something happening in the past that made Kazuma feels a sense of guilt towards Taka?

And what’s with Asako-san www most probably Taka’s being a virgin is his mom’s fault XD This was a really funny episode imo!

Oh and this scene is the best hahaha. I loved this the most when I first watched the trailer! ⇩ 😍

And personally, I do think that this scene needs as much highlight as it can gets.

“Let’s wait for a coincidence. With a sincere feeling.”

This!!! This part!!! I can totally feel that they have sincere feelings towards women! That’s why, I wish people won’t just judge based on a totally exaggerated 60 secs trailer 😦

Well I think the backlash have subsided now and it’s not that severe anymore that the official account started tweeting again. Yay! Welcome back, official-san! 🙌

If you’re downloading this, I would appreciate if I can listen to your opinions though. Please feel free to comment here or LJ or Twitter or wherever you can reach me at ^^

Please enjoy!

Theme song: “Motetaize Tonight”
Lyrics translations credit to Ohitashi at LJ.

Please do not reupload and redistribute without permission, ESPECIALLY to those streaming sites

As what has been informed from the first episode, if you would like to watch the English subbed, please kindly fill this form https://bit.ly/kaikan2020

Please support and subscribe to dTV, if you can!


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