Kaikan Install Episode 01

Here’s the first episode of Kaikan Install! Wow, this is a proper drama. LOL. What did I expect. Hahaha. The dialogs are long, there are proper characters too, and of course there’s a story plot. Yeah, it is a drama. LOL.

I don’t want to say anything yet. I just wish that, please watch and honestly accept whatever it is you’re feeling when you watch. As for me, I can’t say I’m so ecstatic about this drama, but I find myself to still enjoy it!

On a side note, reading Nika’s blog today feels like a slap on my face. I want to punch my past self in the face, seriously. I loathed myself to have even the slightest worry and insecurity about this drama. When Nika said this is a drama that he’s proud of, I feel so bad 😦 I hope I can still make up for my mistakes!

On the day of the premiere livestream, there was a short 4 mins interview of Mitsu and Nika, and I’m uploading it on a separate folder. You can find the link at the bottom of this page.

If you’re downloading this, I would appreciate if I can listen to your opinions though. Please feel free to comment here or LJ or Twitter or wherever you can reach me at 😀

Please enjoy!

Theme song: “Motetaize Tonight”
Lyrics translations credit to Ohitashi at LJ.

Please do not reupload and redistribute without permission, ESPECIALLY to those streaming sites

The first episode is streamed for free by dTV. I will not make it complicated this time because I do hope that it can reach as many audience as it can. However, I do want to know your opinion and impression about this drama, so if you would like to watch the English subbed, please kindly fill this form https://bit.ly/kaikan2020

Please support and subscribe to dTV, if you can!

PS: Download the special interview here. (This is NOT the download link of the drama)
Please tell me your impression after watching the first episode before requesting to download the special interview. Please write on the comment box. I will not approve empty comment boxes.


4 responses to “Kaikan Install Episode 01”

  1. the 1st epi was really funny and it got me looking forward for the next (^w^)

    1. All 4 episodes have been subbed.

  2. Thank you for subbing this! 🙂

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