BE LOVE Episode 04 (END)

The last episode!

Arrrrggghhh I still can’t believe it’s ending! Thank you for the rollercoaster 4 weeks, add the first teaser week to it and make it 5 weeks!

I really enjoyed this drama so much!!! It’s short, yes, but it’s so packed! In a way, I can’t put this into any genre! Romantic horror, maybe? But the first 2 episodes were quite comedic though, errr… Romantic comedic horror? I give up, I don’t know XD

But until the end… wow the acting that these two did… If this is a butai I’d certainly be the first to rise up and give a standing ovation! I know the first 2 episodes were meant as a warm-up? A light introduction? As from episode 3 they really changed direction and all of the sudden the plot turned heavy and dark… >_< If I should say… I think the highlight of this drama is supposedly on episode 3 and 4!

I really like the scene where they shouted at each other, with some parts of Unmei lyrics… I really love that dialog part in Unmei… it’s really new and fresh that a song would have dialog parts like that, it’s almost like a musical? Well I bet if they ever made a musical over these trilogy it would be interesting to watch too! It’s brilliant how they incorporate that most unique part of the song into the drama! I read that it was Tama & Miyata’s idea to use that as a dialog, they wanted to put it somewhere as they were revising the script. And it turned out to be a very impactful scene!

Tama didn’t have many lines in this episode, that’s why he said that Miyata has many lines to remember, and throughout the scenes all he had to do was just watching over Miyata and that female author Takeda. Which is true, Tama didn’t say anything most of the times, but his expressions!! His eyes!!! His body languange… his aura! Everything!!! I feel they speak more than words… It was sooo scary, I really got the goosebumps everytime he showed up, especially the last scene! Tama you have improved a lot, I hope you’ll get a new drama role soon!!!

I can’t say I have enough yet… I’m still craving for more… but even this is already so much than what I can ask for. Shouldn’t be too greedy! Anyway it was a really fun 4 weeks, I enjoyed subbing it too (well, it’s short and has only few lines, it’s considered an easy one compared to the usual variety or other dramas that I’ve subbed before XD)

Please enjoy!

Please do not reupload and redistribute without permission, ESPECIALLY to those streaming sites

This version that I’ve uploaded is not the best version yet. Something is wrong either with my connection/dTV server as I couldn’t get the highest resolution for this episode. Will try to record again later for a better quality.

Now as the drama is finished, as what I promised earlier, I will open the subbed videos for everyone. But no matter what, dTV is still a paid content, so actually I still feel kind of insecure to just release it publicly. Call me paranoid, but I hope you understand.

So if you would like to request for an access, please kindly fill this form

Please support and subscribe to dTV, if you can!

PS: As expected of Avex Group, they came with the teaser for the 2nd series already LOL. It’s going to start December! So soon! Means we will only get another 3-4 episodes of the normal Kisudoki before it’s put on halt again for the drama? No matter who the leading role is, I’m so looking forward to it!!

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