BE LOVE Episode 03

This is episode 3!

I can’t stop my tears TT___TT This episode is too sad TT___TT

I don’t normally cry watching dramas unless it really touches my heart, and I didn’t expect to cry watching Be Love, but I did TT___TT

I was really awed by the quality of this drama! Regardless it’s being an online drama, or a short one, but I say they created a really good piece of work!!! It’s such a waste that it’s a really short one 😦 I’ve been saying this hundreds of times but I was hoping it would be longer XD

And both Tama and Miyata’s acting as well… WOW. I know Tama is good at acting and I love watching his detailed facial expressions because I feel that it’s his strong point, and I’m not saying I don’t think that Miyata is good, but I totally didn’t expect them to bring out such quality!! WOW. Every episode always leaves me speechless afterwards, but this time, it’s a different type of speechless.

At first, I was empathizing with Miyata, how he’s lost his soulmate on his birthday, and how he must be feeling, returning home with those birthday decoration Tama did for him. It touched my heart and I was thiiiiiiiiiss close to shed a tear but I managed to hold it in. But then Tama showed up and said those heart-wrenching words, moreover with such a painful expression… that’s when I lost it. I shrugged and cried like there’s no tomorrow. Whyyyy it has to be this painful TT____TT

In the first 2 episodes, we get the daily Tamamiya, the normal Tamamiya that we’ve known for so long. I didn’t feel like I’m watching a drama, there are indeed some romantic scenes here and there that got me awkward, but that’s the only thing reminding me that this is a drama. But this episode…. they really caught me off guard, damn. No more Kisumai’s Tamamori and Miyata. This is Tamamori the author and Miyata the editor. I really love how this episode clearly shows the relationship development between them both. Damn Tama was very good. He looked like this innocent, lacking self-confidence new author that was very pure. (How did he turn into the “oniyome” that Miyata mentioned though XD)

The flashback scenes were really sweet… it’s even more painful that they chose to insert the flashback here. Rather than just progressing the plot forward according to the timeline, these kinds of flashbacks totally give a much stronger impact.

Now only one more episode left. By the look of the preview, it seems it will be full of Tama and Miyata’s facial expressions again. Oh my, so much to look forward to! (But at the same time, it will be the last episode and I know I’m going to miss this drama a lot >_< Be Love withdrawal…)

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Please enjoy! ^^


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