20201029 Kisubusa (Reiwa no Busaiku na Koi part)

Yesterday’s Kisubusa was so hilarious that I can’t help to do a quick sub on TaMatt’s part! Although this is only a skit, but Tama was so into this TaMatt character, he didn’t even stop playing the role until the staff-san stopped the camera! Seeing that I was like, wow, his determination and commitment to acting is really amazing…

This time, TaMatt really leveled up from the ones earlier XD I wonder why Kisubusa really likes to do dokkiri on Tama (remember when they got Anne-Marie to guest?), maybe because his shocked reaction was too cute and hilarious to watch. Or at least that’s what I think XD

It was so generous of them to play both sequels in one Kisubusa episode. I was expecting them to show the sequel on some later episodes…

Anyway I love it so much, each of TaMatt’s facial expression kills me, I feel like I want to screenshot everything!!! XD

Seriously, won’t someone offer Tama a comedy drama or something? He’s got the talent already XD

Please don’t re-post and re-distribute without permission!

Here’s a direct link to watch online and a download link should you want to download instead!


Please enjoy! ^^


3 responses to “20201029 Kisubusa (Reiwa no Busaiku na Koi part)”

  1. thank you so much for subbing

  2. I’m so agree with you LOL i really feel Tama’s leaving his “cool” image to his “cute/funny” one XD anyway thank you for subbing! I tried watching it raw but failed to understand some (many) parts wkwk

  3. omggggg its so funny that I want more HAHAHA thank you!!!!

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