BE LOVE Episode 02

OMG! I’ve been waiting for this episode for a week, watched the very short 16 mins episode, now I have to wait another week for the 3rd episode 😦 I wished the episodes would be longer 😦

Here’s the subbed episode 2!

The episode title is Hoshi ni Negai wo. It still showed a glimpse of their happy days together, before… you know 😦

There had been some magazines with Tamamiya’s interview that were released this week and I happened to read a couple of them. Reading the interviews and watching this episode 2, I think I get to understand it more…

First of all, in one of the interviews they had mention that they intentionally don’t call each other names in this drama. I kind of realized that in the first episode but I thought it just happened to not be in the script yet. Now it’s a confirmed fact. The reason why they won’t call each others names is, they don’t want this to be so real. It has been explained before in other interviews that they intentionally picked a setting in a seaside villa, with no one and almost no civilization around. Setting this drama outside the bustling city and modern daily life, they intend this drama to be as vague as it can be. The focus is only their relationship. (It kind of makes sense since at first they only want it to be a live performance – adapting it into drama will only add unwanted details into the story thus making it feel more real) I think they have been quite particular to keep it kind of a surreal fantasy?

I was about to complain about the plot awkwardness here and there, but now knowing the concept and how they want it to be, I can pretty much accept it LOL.

But one thing about this episode, it’s sooooooo sweet and romantic!!! I never watched BL dramas so I can’t compare to others, but these two are too cute together! Their eyes when they look at each other, those smiles, those gestures, arggghhhh I totally believe that these two are seriously in love. Hahaha.

I’m so sleepy, there are a lot that’s going on in my mind but I don’t think I can pour my thoughts into any sensible sentences. So I’m going to stop here, will continue some other time when my brain is up and working again XD

Please do not reupload and redistribute without permission, ESPECIALLY to those streaming sites

As what I have written in the masterpost, I’m going to paste the same thing here.

Please enjoy! ^^


dTV is a paid content. I am fully aware that it’s not accessible internationally as they only accept Japan credit cards and/or NTT Docomo subscription. However, as it’s still a paid content, I would really recommend to support the boys and subscribe to dTV, if you can. Thus, I will share the sub to whoever has dTV subscription as soon as I finish each episode, but if you don’t happen to have the subscription, pardon me as I will only release the subs openly after all 4 episodes are finished or the latest by Nov 13th, 2020. I kindly hope you understand.

If you would like to request for an access, please kindly fill this form

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