BE LOVE Episode 01

Hiyaaa!!! What can I say???

I have so many things going on my mind right now I think my brain is going to explode O.O”

Anyway here’s the subbed episode 1. One thing I’m complaining the most, why it’s so short XD I was expecting at least 30mins per episode XD

My brain is a mess, and I’m sure the same case with thousands of Kisumai fans out there LOL. One thing for sure. Tama was not joking when he said that we can understand their relationship deeper after watching this drama. Why, because it’s exactly how Tamamiya are in daily basis! I think what makes me insane is that they are acting their true selves, but with a setting that they are a married couple ^^; So it’s like… us peeping into their marriage life?? >///<=3

And something that is more twisted is… you know usually there’s a disclaimer on every drama that says “This drama is a fiction, should there be any same name or place or situation, it’s merely coincidence”? This disclaimer was nowhere to be found in this drama ^^; What does that mean?? That this is not a fiction? That it’s based on reality? It’s not a drama but a documentary…???

Well, I’m not blabbering much further… if you’re interested, watch yourself, probably you’ll have a different opinion ^^

Please do not reupload and redistribute without permission, ESPECIALLY to those streaming sites

As what I have written in the masterpost, I’m going to paste the same thing here.

Please enjoy! ^^


dTV is a paid content. I am fully aware that it’s not accessible internationally as they only accept Japan credit cards and/or NTT Docomo subscription. However, as it’s still a paid content, I would really recommend to support the boys and subscribe to dTV, if you can. Thus, I will share the sub to whoever has dTV subscription as soon as I finish each episode, but if you don’t happen to have the subscription, pardon me as I will only release the subs openly after all 4 episodes are finished or the latest by Nov 13th, 2020. I kindly hope you understand.

If you would like to request for an access, please kindly fill this form

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