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4 days after BE LOVE drama news was released, and until this very second, I still can’t get my mind out of this drama. I seriously can’t wait until this Thursday for the premiere streaming! Although, I don’t know if I will still be alive by then though XD

You can scroll to the bottom of the page for the video. Below is just a long ranting of mine ^^;

As probably most fans have already known, this drama is based on Tamamiya’s unit songs trilogy, which are:

  1. BE LOVE
    (album “KIS-MY-WORLD”, 2015 – performed in KIS-MY-WORLD LIVE TOUR in summer 2015)
  2. Hoshi ni Negai wo
    (single “L.O.V.E”, 2018 – performed in Extra Yummy Live Tour in winter 2018)
  3. Unmei
    (album “To-y2”, 2020 – was supposed to be performed in To-y2 Live Tour this spring, but due to the current situation the tour was put on halt and in the end they switched to online concert, but they LEFT all the unit songs out. WHY…?)

So among the 3 songs, only Unmei is left unperformed until this very day. All 3 songs have their own worldview and story as well, which we can sum up to “Pure love”, “Bereavement”, and “Jealousy”. Their lyrics have very deep meaning too, I myself have translated “Unmei” lyrics sometime ago here. I’m sure the other 2 songs have been translated as well, but since I didn’t do it, I couldn’t paste the links here.

Tamamiya talked about their trilogy a lot, it was Tama’s idea to make it a trilogy after “BE LOVE”. Their “Hoshi ni Negai wo” performance in 2018’s Extra Yummy was very mind-blowing, that the whole dome went silent after that last scene (as a reference, “Hoshi ni Negai wo” performance is made available to watch on Kisumai WEB FES on YouTube: Day 4, Unit songs). After this trilogy is finished, Tama even said he won’t have anymore unit songs with Miyata. It’s THAT MUCH meaningful.

I was kind of surprised that this drama went very viral, I even saw many non Kisumai fans are showing interests in this drama. But one thing kind of saddens me. It seems the majority only view this drama as a “BL” drama, the first time Johnny’s ever allowed 2 members of the same group act in a BL drama, and what became viral was their kiss/romantic scenes.

When in fact, I think this drama is more than that. First of all, although they said it themselves, I don’t think this is BL. This is Tamamiya. I couldn’t summarize their relation with only one word, but one thing for sure, BL is not the word. If you read the lyrics of “BE LOVE”, each line is meaningful, and it describes their relationship very well. It’s so them that I couldn’t see any other 2 people are fit for singing this song.

Second of all. People are seeing them as “2 members of the same Johnny’s group”. No, they’re not JUST 2 Kisumai members. They’re Tamamiya! Their relationship goes way farther beyond Kisumai, back then since both of them were still dancing in symmetrical position as Johnny’s Jrs. And what makes Tamamiya Tamamiya, is that regardless of they were in their teens then or that they’re in their thirties now, their relationship never changes. Tamamiya remains the same Tamamiya to this very day. I can see a very strong trust that they have for each other.

In earlier days when Maeashi and Busaiku were hugely discriminated, Tama remained the only one who believed in Miyata when he said he wanted to become a prince. The world was laughing at the delusional Busaiku member, but Tama made Miyata a prince costume when they performed “BE LOVE” back in 2015. In their making video, Tama referred both of them as “two princes”. Now Miyata has kind of established his “prince” character, by performing his solo song on a white horse or calling his fans “himesama” XD

Miyata leaves all the unit songs performance to Tama. It was all Tama’s idea, from the wedding performance of BE LOVE, the tearjerker performance of Hoshi ni Negai wo (but I kind of heard that Tama took in Miyata’s opinion for Unmei, after all, the song composer is that famous anime song writer!). Tama asked Miyata to play a guitar in the beginning of Hoshi ni Negai wo, and Miyata did it without asking any questions. He didn’t even ask why and how Tama died XD

I think their strong trust and sincere feelings towards each other are some of the many reasons why Tamamiya is special among Kisumai fans.

Now back to the drama, where was I just now? XD I tend to get carried away when talking about Tamamiya that I kind of strayed off the original intention LOL. Well, I do really really reaaaaaally hope that people won’t just watch for the romantic scenes, that people will properly pay attention to the story and their acting, and enjoy the drama as one complete professional work.

I’m sharing the subbed BE LOVE trailer from YouTube, the news report in Mezamashi TV, and the talk cut from Kisumai ANNP last Saturday.

Or if you would prefer to download, here’s the download folder.

Note: I would really recommend to support the boys and subscribe to dTV, if you can.

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