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Taken from BE LOVE official website:

Tamamori Yuta & Miyata Toshiya’s unit song “BE LOVE” is getting a live-action drama adaptation! Tamamori & Miyata will be supervising the script, while delicately depicting the beautiful worldview of the songs.

The original script is based on their unit songs “BE LOVE” that was included in their 2015 album “KIS-MY-WORLD”, “Hoshi ni Negai wo” from 2018 single “LOVE”, and “Unmei” from 2020 album “To-y2”.

These musical masterpieces will add colors to the story that is interlinking the “real world” and the “tale in the storybook”. It will be depicting romantic scenes are sometimes delighting, sometimes sorrowful, sometimes emotional and sometimes beautiful.

The long-awaited piece of work that will be going all out in expressing a twisted love between two men.

BE LOVE trailer, news report, and talk from Kisumai ANNP

Episode 1 – 2020/10/16
BE LOVEThe sweet and sorrowful omen of 2 people with mutual feelings

Why did I bite him?
The start of an insane yet pure love between a storybook author and his editor.

Tamamori the storybook author and Miyata the editor. One summer, the two of them spent their time in a seaside villa working to finish a storybook. The days full of drawing, cooking, having meals, drinking… that was how their days were supposed to be. This is the first episode of the sweet and sorrowful omen that lied in the storybook that Tamamori drew, as the tale in the story overlapped with the real world.

Episode 2 – 2020/10/23
Hoshi ni Negai wo – Being enveloped in the glittery moment

Tamamori continued drawing the storybook in the villa. Miyata invited him out for a break, then they had a walk along the shore. The two of them were spending a glittery and joyous moment together.

One day, Tamamori was planning a surprise event to celebrate Miyata’s birthday. That’s when Miyata received one phone call…

Episode 3 – 2020/10/30
Unmei – Bring us back to the days when we sang that song

Miyata burst into tears after seeing the birthday decoration and dishes that Tamamori prepared for him.

No matter how long it takes, Miyata couldn’t seem to overcome his shock over Tamamori’s death. He spent his days playing guitar while looking up to the stars, reminiscing the day when they first met. Tamamori who was supposed to be dead, was watching over Miyata gently. However neither his voice nor his warmth reached Miyata.

Episode 4 – 2020/11/06
BE LOVE – Together with you forever, just like this

Miyata asked Takeda, a female author, to continue the unfinished storybook. The deceased Tamamori was watching Miyata in jealousy, but Miyata couldn’t see him.

As the boundary between the tale in the storybook and the real world faded away, Tamamori and Miyata’s story is approaching a sorrowful climax.


dTV is a paid content. I am fully aware that it’s not accessible internationally as they only accept Japan credit cards and/or NTT Docomo subscription. However, as it’s still a paid content, I would really recommend to support the boys and subscribe to dTV, if you can.

UPDATE 30 Oct: It seems dTV accepts international credit cards now! Please support and subscribe!!! I will share the sub to whoever has dTV subscription as soon as I finish each episode, but if you don’t happen to have the subscription, pardon me as I will only release the subs openly after all 4 episodes are finished or the latest by Nov 13th, 2020. I kindly hope you understand.

If you would like to request for an access, please kindly fill this form

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