Million Joe Complete Episodes


I’ve subbed the complete episodes of Million Joe! Yay! I’m so happy that I can finally release it! I did decide to only release it until I finish all the episodes, so it’s a really big “finally” for me 😀

It’s been (exactly) 4 months since it finished airing on TV Tokyo, and to my surprise I haven’t seen anyone subbing it yet! Or maybe someone did but I just didn’t know. Oh well. (Wow, I just realized the last episode was aired Dec 26 and today is Apr 26! Exactly 4 months! Wow!)



Soichi Kurei (Hiromitsu Kitayama) is a magazine editor. He is currently working on popular manga series Million Joe. The writer of the manga series is Tsuneo Magata, but he suddenly dies. Soichi Kurei is devastated because he feels Million Joe should be finished. Soichi Kurei then makes a suggestion to Tsuneo Magata’s chief assistant Ryota Terashi. The suggestion is to hide the death of Tsuneo Magata and for Ryota Terashi to finish the manga series using Tsuneo Magata’s notes. 


Hiromitsu Kitayama as Soichi Kurei
Masato Hagiwara as Ryota Terashi
Yui Imaizumi as Mai Moriaki
Motoki Fukami as Kaoru Kishimoto
Nagano as Hiroharu Sato

Source: Asianwiki

I actually rambled a bit about what I felt when subbing this drama. If anyone have spare time and a bit of curiosity, you can take a look here. I wrote about some terms used in the drama and how I decided to translate them as well, maybe it can give deeper understanding 🙂

I hope you’ll enjoy the drama as much as I had fun subbing it!

Please don’t re-upload and re-distribute without permission, and don’t upload them on streaming sites too!

I provided 2 resolutions of each episodes, 1280×720 and 960×540. Just take whatever suits you 🙂

All passwords: JOKER~EdgeofDays

Download Folder: 1280×720 | 960×540

PS: Here’s a short message from the folks about the release of Million Joe’s DVD and Blu-ray BOX!


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  1. wow, thank you so much! otsukare! :DD

  2. Thank you so much for the subs. Very appreciated it!

  3. Thank you very much for subbing this drama!

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