[Translation] Kato Shigeaki’s original NEWSICAL scripts

Version A ” Magical Christmas”

The setting is either a park or a train station somewhere.

Mr. A (Koyama) glances repeatedly to the clock tower. He has a lonely look on his face, and a look as if he’s giving up as well.

On a bench nearby, D (Tegoshi) is sitting while reading newspaper. (Tegoshi will be in charge for the Sound Effects etc)

The bell chimes from the clock tower as the hands mark that it’s 12 o’clock.

With his shoulders bent, he kicks an empty can that’s rolling on the ground, he’s about to take leave from that place. The empty can makes a sound as it bumps against the clock tower and the bench. (Tegoshi will voice the sound live?). He’s heard that tone somewhere before. He kicks the empty can again. And he hears a melody again. A starts to have fun. As he’s intertwining his legs while doing a tap dance, a light melody is slowly playing.

Just when he’s riding up the mood, he bumps into B (Kato or Masuda) who crosses his path. (He gets drunk?)

The melody stops. His dance falls out of order. However they get along well in no time and they dance together in harmony.

This time they bump into C (Kato or Masuda) who’s selling cakes nearby. He joins them too. The group gets merrier.

That time, D suddenly stands up, and starts to sing a soulful gospel. The grand finale for everyone.

The pleasant feeling lingers in A. Mysteriously he’s got a flower bouquet on his hands.

But when he looks around, the men that were just with him a while ago are gone.

He glances at the clock, it’s only 11:59.

Then the bell chimes.

He gazes out into the distance. Then he smiles.

As if the one he’s been waiting for has come, he dashes off and leaves the setting.

Version B “Merry Christmas for good boy, good girl”

The setting is lit up.

4 men in suits are sitting on round chairs. They look like Reservoir Dogs’ kind of bad guys. The leader is Koyama, but he’s slightly unreliable.

They’re in a discussion as if they’re planning a conspiracy to rob a bank.

The one who lays out the plan is Kato.

A sound rings out. They make a move.

These 4 men are actually Santas.

Masuda prepares their wardrobes. Carrying bags that look like they’ve been used to steal before, they take their leave.

Instead of reindeer, they’re riding on motorbikes.

They go in houses through chimneys and give presents to children.

Just when they thought everything is going smoothly, incidents happen.

The children are awake. That time, Tegoshi sings lullabies to get the children to sleep.

Others also got their gifts spilling out of their bags, and wind and snow got them scattered around.

Somehow, they manage to survive those.

But in the end, a last boss kind of enemy (a witch?) shows up. The witch takes Christmas away from the children. Fighting everywhere. But Kato, Tegoshi and Masuda are worn out. Only Koyama, the leader who hasn’t been very reliable so far, remaining. He thinks about the children’s smile, then takes up all his courage and does an action. Tap dance, probably?

One by one, everyone stands up, they gain their strength back.

The 4 men defeat the enemy, and cheer up for that.

The snow of blessing fall down, then the Santas take their leaves.


3 responses to “[Translation] Kato Shigeaki’s original NEWSICAL scripts”

  1. Thank you for the translation!

  2. Thank you! I had fun while reading these two which are actually both good. The one chosen is more magical, so I can see why they went with that one.

  3. Thank you! I had fun while reading these two which are both good. But the chosen script for NEWSICAL is more magical, so I can partly see why they went with that one.

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