Juuyou Sankounin Tantei #01


Finally this drama aired!!! Been 2 months wait since the announcement of this drama. I remembered the morning of Music Colosseum con last day, the drama was announced. I was crazy reading the news!!! Then of course Koyama showed up that day with Sorajiro on his hand, as a present for Tama. OMG that is so sweet.

And these 2 months I have been watching how these 2 got close, I mean Tama and Koyama, and I can sense how Koyama has fallen for Tama’s charm kekekeke. It shows clearly how Koyama adores Tama like his own little brother! Continue on, I am happy with your friendship, but of course my ultimate goal is not Tama and Koyama, but Tama and… that other member of NEWS XD

Okay so I decided to get back subbing only for this project this time. Not sure if I’m going to continue subbing in the future, but I’m surely gonna finish this series until the end.

Here we have the first episode of the long-awaited Sankounin! I’m still sad of the 4.9% rating it got for the first episode, but let’s hope the rating will go up in following episodes!

The first episode basically tells the introduction of the character, and the first case which is the chandelier murder case. It’s not a difficult drama so I say it’s entertaining to watch, and of course the three eye candies decorating the story!!! Hahaha.

I just can’t help to do a screencap or two XD

Screenshot 2017-10-24 21.08.26Screenshot 2017-10-24 21.08.48

HE USES AN XPERIA! OMG! This is like the wildest dream came true!! XD

Screenshot 2017-10-24 21.09.45Screenshot 2017-10-24 21.10.25

Nothing in particular. I just love these facial expressions of him here XD

Screenshot 2017-10-24 21.12.17

Last but not least, the highlight of episode 1 hahaha.

Translator’s notes:

Juuyou Sankounin (material witness) is someone who possesses facts about a case that could be helpful to law enforcement investigators. An individual’s status can change from material witness to suspect if information comes to light that shows the person’s complicity in the crime.

reference: http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/explainer/2001/09/material_witness_and_suspect_whats_the_difference.html

Password to open .zip file: WatchPamphletModels

❤ download 1280×720

 Gdrive mirror 1280×720

QC credit to @setsunavie

Update 11/25: Apparently the place from 20 years ago was read “Iwanagajima“, instead of “Ishinagajima” as I wrote in this first episode. But I’m too lazy to redo the whole encoding and uploading and all so I’m going to leave it as it is. It’s a minor mistake 😀

73 thoughts on “Juuyou Sankounin Tantei #01”

      1. Thanks for suggestion. Eventho it takes a lot of work like i have to open Mega first then transfer it to Winzip. Anyway, thanks for subbing the drama ♥️♥️

      2. Sorry for all the troubles that you’ve gone through to get this file. I believe my subbing effort is nothing compared to your hardwork in unzipping the file.

  1. thank you so much for subbing i was looking for this drama ^_^
    and i have request if you don’t mind.. i planning to translate this drama into arabic subtitle, is there is any problem if you upload the subtitle file ? i will make sure to add full credit for your work

    1. Hi~
      Thanks for your support! ^^
      That’s a great thing to know that you will be doing the arabic sub for this drama! Spread the love 💛
      However I’m really really sorry, I don’t really feel comfortable sharing my soft sub for this drama… If you need the timing, there’s this Jap softsub file that’s already timed. I’m totally okay for you to use my sub for reference though 🙂
      Sorry again, let me know how that works for you 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for subbing this drama .
    I can see Koyama really adores Tama, and whenever Koyama gives Tama a lovey-dovey glance, Tama becomes ridiculous awkward ha ha , I laugh a lot while watching these two.

    1. You feel it too!?!?!? I thought its only me being biased as Kisumai and NEWS are actually the groups I love most!!! Ahaha but I guess Koyama isn’t shy in expressing his love for Tama, and Tama being Tama, he can’t help feeling awkward, being shot with such an adoring look fron Koyama. Hahahahahaha but the making will be something to wait for!!!

      1. Yeh! Koyama obviously loves Tama,and Tama is still being shy of receiving affections lol. Remember at press con when they changed to model clothes. Koyama nervously checked out Tama’s booth to see if he was OK then point up to the camera above making Tama nervous too LOL

      2. I die everytime Koyama said anything about Tama in his Jweb blog.
        Oh and you should listen to his radio show, Kchan-news this week. Koyama talked about how he loves Tama hahahahaha I dieeeee

      3. Oh, by the way, Jasmine600 from LJ . Long time no see, how’re you been? I thought you left LJ.
        I’m doing really good , still love Tama to death, bought DB and love him even more (:

      4. Oh, nice to know you 🙂
        I kinda left LJ but I still keep my account. Mainly on Weibo or Twitter lately these days 😀
        My love for Tama hasn’t changed a bit though, if not deepens XD
        I am so sad this year no DB, has already empited my schedule the whole September just in case Tama called me to come see DB XD

  3. Dear windflows, we would like to take your English subtitles as a base for the translation into Russian. If you are not against, we will surely put all the credits into our translation. Thank you in advance for your answer. Best wishes, GaIIa (for fansubgroup ‘Aliance’)

    1. Dear Galla,

      Thanks for your support!
      It’s okay, I don’t mind you taking my translation as a reference 🙂 Thanks for informing me beforehand!
      Good luck with the Russian sub ^^

    1. You’re welcome ^^
      It’s an entertaining drama so I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!! ^^
      It’s okay for you to retranslate it to Spanish and use my sub as a reference 🙂
      Good luck with the project!

  4. Thank you so much for subbing .
    I wanted to ask you..can you give us the soft copy to trasleate it into different language? 🙊 we will put your credit on the video.

    1. Hi~
      Thanks for your support! ^^
      I’m really really sorry, I don’t really feel comfortable sharing my soft sub for this drama… If you need the timing, there’s this Jap softsub file that’s already timed. I’m totally okay for you to use my sub for reference though 🙂
      Sorry again, let me know how that works for you 🙂

      1. The password is case sensitive, so please make sure you copy paste the password precisely 🙂

  5. if possible can you give mirror links to mediafire or 4shared for atleast 540p ones?. mega is banned in my country and i am unable to download them. it’s okay if you cant just asked

    1. Hi, sorry that Mega is banned in your country. I don’t have any mediafire account so I can’t upload there at the moment. Let me see what I can do… I might be able to create a mediafire account…

  6. uhh help… i cant use any of the links… when i enter GDrive itvtells me it cant open the file. i enter Mega it doesn’t give me a password but tells me it wants to permanently store data… help. i really want to watch it.

      1. But it says the file is unsupported…. If so could you tell me how I can access the Mega other than downloading the app? I can’t seem to find anywhere to put in the password.

      2. Just download it from the Google Drive. The password is used to unzip the file, not to download the file.

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